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Alphabet Soup

And Einstein, the curator of the square museum comes in with his thirty-something sister who walks like she hasn’t bathed in weeks

She carries a plumber’s wrench in her left hand while her right hand paints “everybody’s born at zero” on her porcelain cheek

And the liquor salesman, pants cuffed at the ankle socks too big for such a shiny shoe yells to her “thirty’s the new sixty” and “just imagine where you’ll be then”

But the sister only uses tempera paint having read a book once about impermanence she wipes the alphabet from her face pulls out a jumbo Sharpie and chisels “everybody dies at negative Q” into Einstein’s forehead

True Story in C Flat

Woman walks into a coffeeshop carrying a 9 week old pig crazy as 200 year old Peruvian bat shit, if you ask me but no one did and I've learned to not speak up 'less you're carrying the head of John the Baptist. Gordon, the lawyer with a necktie for all occassions, pays no mind to the pig he's a notary public, who spends most of his time suspecting others of pouring noodle soup into his urinals. The woman asks if I'd like to hold the pig I sigh and sing the bridge to "No, I Believe I've Done Enough Already" in C flat get back to tending to a cigarette got no time for pigs, or public displays of affliction, or Peru.