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SYM @ Sally O'Brien's 4/14/12 Setlist

-Across the Boarder

-Damage is Done

-Sweet Jane *Velvet Underground

-Nicholetta (Front Door)

-I'd be Lying

-Dream pt 1

-East Coast Rust Factor

-Soulshine *The Allman Brothers Band

-Dream pt 2

-California Stars *Billy Bragg & Wilco

-Hands off my biscuits #first time played

-Roses are Free *Ween



-This must be the place (naïve melody) *Talking Heads

-Bringing me downDrums


-Birthday *The Beatles played over PA for b-day announcements


-Easy Plateau *Ryan Adams and The Cardinals

-Born into bad luck

-Bertha *The Grateful Dead


-The Weight *The Band


-Listen to Me

SYM @ Radio 3/24/12 Setlist

-Dream Pt.1 -I'd Be Lying -This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)* Talking Heads -Nicholetta** (First Time Played) -Friday -Born Into Bad Luck -Across the Boarder -Damage is Done -California Stars * Billy Bragg and Wilco -Badunkaphunk -East Coast Rust Factor -Easy Plateau* Ryan Adams and The Cardinals -

SYM @ Sally O'Brien's 2/10/12 Setlist

Set I I’d Be Lying Across the Border Nowhere This Must Be the Place (Naïve Melody)* (Talking Heads) Friday Damage is Done Sweet Jane* (Velvet Underground) Bourbon Lies Listen Dream Part I Easy Plateau* (Ryan Adams) Dream Part II California Stars* (Billy Bragg & Wilco)

Set II Badunkaphunk Bertha *(The Grateful Dead) East Coast Rust Factor Sparks From the Fire Greed Bringing Me Down The Weight* (The Band) Moment We Could Share Born into Bad Luck Have Another Whiskey Right Place Right Time Passenger Side* (Wilco) Smile For a While Encore: Sugaree* (The Grateful Dead)

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