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The best thing we can do is support one another all over the world. In doing so we may be able to produce love and compassion among many other attributes within circles of people. together we have the power, alone we still have power but it's not as potent. You and I have the ability to do what's needed in order to move the world and the thoughts in it to a more positive direction. Stay blessed!!

Finding truth

In everyone's past there are things better off unsaid, all humans experience things they carry with on and on into old age, suffering and dealing with these things alone half the time. Understanding isn't always enough when it comes to spiritual healing. We have to know and understand the principles of applying what knowledge we are given. Friendship is a close ally when dealing with emotional warfair, someone to talk to in everyday life is a blessing not all of us have this time around. That too is a way of applying the knowledge, through comfort of a close person and the kind friendship and non judgement we then become in tune with the ability to begin healing spiritually and physically. There are endless ways to apply all the vast knowledge we receive on a minute by minute basis. Music is also a tool of healing. Applied correctly it can heal not only spiritual, but physical as well. The power of transforming knowledge into action is the worlds greatest achievement. Stay blessed!

True mystery

Mystery is such a weird word and even more weird when you realize what one when it's revealing itself. Mystery is associated with a hundred if not thousands of different types, the magician plays with the mysterious for a job, and a doctor, artist, musician, etc.... I bet you've experienced a mystery or two in your lifetime, I know I have. Plenty of times I've had my mind blown due to extreme cases of mystery. Confusion follows the best of mysteries when they can never be solved, it becomes local folk lore and treated as such. Now we all know that there are a lot of other types of mysteries, and with that in mind I'd like to offer what I truly believe is the most mysterious of all things in our vast universe... It's the fact that all humans can watch everyone around them die and never believe it's going to happen to them... Ponder that for a moment... Stay blessed!!

Love life

Loving yourself is true magic, through loving yourself you learn how to love others and frankly that's what truly makes the world go around.. You've got a second chance at living through love everyday you wake up, use it wiser than you did the previous day. The love you feel from receiving the gifts that come with loving yourself and others unconditionally make you into a very special individual. So take it one day at a time, loving every minute of it, if one day is a bad day, or sad day, then look forward to the next and try to improve. Just remember to always love yourself! Stay blessed!


Have you ever noticed time doesn't wait? It seems to go on and on and on.... Time can be our friend or our enemy depending how we look at it. In due time you grow to be a wonderful human adult, but in turn you loose that little spark of childish mentality. Which for most people means getting old and bitter, becoming short tempered and agitated with the world around them. It's sad that the world causes us to react this way. If we all could just go play in the sandbox with our friends and enjoy the little things, lying on our back and examining cloud formations, we would all be free of a lot of what ails us. Being childish does not mean your maturity has disappeared it just means your still connected to the unknown and that my friends is the key to artistic success! Stay blessed!

In the moment

That famous saying live for today for tomorrow may never come... Ahh such helpful advice... Well first off your matter, matter never dies so you will live forever, electrified to energize your life cells into constructive worker ants :) but anyway lol the word on the street is you must live every moment as if it's your last, makes sense. I'd like to address the fact that most people are inherently good , they can't murder people or harm or whatever else that falls into a negative category. Most people will genuinely stop and help a stranger in need, now granted some people are selective in who they help, but never the less most are good hearted. So living for the moment for these folk means enjoying the company of loved ones, family and friends, and enjoy seeing happiness come from others, that's truly living in the moment to me personally. It's safe to say that a person should enjoy every moment, appreciating it to the fullest, because you could disappear and reappear in a another world muhahaha... So A person should remind themselves from time to time and smile instead of crunch their face in anger or sadness... Stay blessed!

Moving on

Moving on is so hard to do... Sounds like song lyrics, but it's the reality of life. There comes a point where you realize who your true friends are and in doing so you realize who the wolves in sheep's clothing are. Even the ones you experienced a lifetime with may be the ones that throw you to the curb. Just keep in mind that your born alone and will die alone. I know it sounds sinister, that's not exactly how I mean it. All I'm saying is don't rely on too many people. If you cant do it yourself and you need help then make sure you truly know the persons motives first. I've had personal relationships die hard because friends turned out to be a lot more disappointing, and that's exactly what they are, is disappointing.. So if your thrown into a situation be strong and walk away you do not need those scumbags in your life lol. All you need are those that truly love you and have your best interest in mind and out of that comes you helping them in turn. When it's a take take one way street it's always a dead end... Stay blessed and look to the great things in life, not the dark forces that hold you back in so many ways!

Music production

It's extreme and a lot goes into producing your own music or music for other musicians. It's a lot of work and takes a lot of patience. It's definitely not something everyone is cut out for. Everyone would probably like to but it just doesn't work like that. Distortion and topping out is the number one issue I hear with most home produced music. Just work it like a painting and do a little at a time here and there until it's perfect. The music you put up to sell should be amazing, then go into it again. Once it's online it's out there forever, it makes or breaks a successful career... Little at a time goes a long way...

Drugs, drinking, and all of the above

First off I would like to mention I do not discriminate nor condone drug or alcohol abuse what so ever. As we all know problems exist with the abuse of anything. The youth are the ones to suffer most from this epidemic. With that said lets move on... Some musicians have swore up and down they wouldn't be able to connect with the energy per say of music without them, and in turn others are against it 100%... Frank Zappa for example played music like he was drunk or on drugs but never touched a thing, and then you've got Jimi Hendrix, Cream, and the Grateful Dead that would never have been who they were if it weren't for the drug abuse (allegedly)... Then you've got hybrid bands like the Beatles that started their career without and ended up doing all of the above later in their career. I for one feel that personally I can't seem to connect musically if I'm on something, the more I drink the more I feel the need to just go through the motions of my warm up routine, it's the same if I'm not comfortable with someone when playing. I know we all have that stereo type of being an abuser one way or the other, it comes with the territory.. So they say... It really doesn't, I'm of generation X, as much as I would like to be more of a hippy I just don't have that personality type... So it's not all happy go lucky, I have, like many others of my generation, a huge chip on my shoulder with the gut feeling I must do my craft to save the world.. Not exactly that way but you know what I mean. I have turned to music as my drug and prayer and meditation all in one, I love the world through my instrument and do not feel the need to cloud my musical judgement with anything other than music. Like I said I do not condone nor do I discriminate,I have many musician and non musician friends that like a drink and also don't... For me I like to be connected on a mental and spiritual level.. Stay blessed!

Discriminatory time

Time is one of those things that goes on long after our bodies are gone, but while it's here is seems to be so short. The amazing thing about this unique force is it seems to soften a person mentally and physically. Time heals and steels the things we hold dear to our heart. Without it we would be lost, and wrecked.. In turn, with it we are lost and wrecked.. Let time heal your wounds, don't hold grudges that will pull you down in this wonderful world of life! Be a person that appreciates time, allowing it to bring people and experience your way in many forms...