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Hi all

Hi All,

Just wanted to let you all know that I’m in the middle of recording a new album, but don’t know when exactly it will be ready. Recording at home, and with interesting backing from Graham a la his new degree in Music technology, it will be interesting. But I’ll still be singing good songs regardless of anything else that will be on the album.

In the meantime I’m beavering away at a book I’m compiling of all the traditional songs I’ve recorded over the last 20 years, trying to remember where I got them, looking some of the up in the Irish Traditional Music Archive and the National Library of Ireland, and having a lot of fun spending days and days with my sister who’s helping me.

I’ve also started Skype lessons – this would be a one-to-one masterclass in song collection, singing traditional songs, breathing, researching, and general giving confidence and critique to singers. I have a few students already, from amateur singers who sing for fun, to potential performers as I also do a stage craft class. So you can contact me here http://www.tradmentors.com/

Looking forward to Spring.

Hope you’re all well, and listening, playing, buying, and enjoying our music.

Wim van Gent
Wim van Gent  (almost 5 years ago)

Good news, I might be the 1st one to play your new album on radio in Holland? Hope you are well Niamh!

Debbie Goyer
Debbie Goyer  (almost 5 years ago)

Yeah, a new album. Am looking forward to it coming out. Will buy it as soon as possible to go with the rest of them.

Masterclass in Traditional Song

I have started doing individual Masterclasses in traditional song - Students are guided through..... An exploration of the student’s own voice Performance – the introduction of ornamentation into songs The importance of developing good breathing techniques and choosing suitable keys for individuals Performance tutorial How to source and research traditional songs The development and expansion of a student’s repertoire

These classes are available to any sort of singer, all that is needed is Skype and Paypal. Prices are reasonable and each student goes forward at his or her own pace.


Heading over across the big pond in June - hope to see some of you at one of the concerts.