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Small, But Enthusiastic

Had a house concert gig this past Sunday in Beekman, NY, at the Singer Songwriter Heaven series, in which one audience member attended. The promoter, myself, and another artist, Clarence Bucaro, were the others present--not including Chyna, our half-lab, half-bloodhound onlooker. As professionals, Clarence and I gave it our best, even though its somewhat odd to outnumber the crowd. And it got me thinking, what if no one showed up, would the show still go on? The answer was a resounding "yes." We would still play, if only for each other, and for the pleasure of hearing each other's work. And you never know what might come of crossing paths with just us four, on a glorious August Sunday when no one else was around.

Rosendale Cafe Tonight!

Headed over the other side of the Hudson tonight (12/11/12), playing at one of my favorite spots, the Rosendale Cafe. If you're up for a road trip, I'll see you there.

Towne Crier Tonight, Friday, May 13

A Friday the 13th show at the Towne Crier with Fred Eaglesmith, what could be better? I know...picking up a copy of the new CD to boot!

Utah Mini-Tour

Had a great time in Salt Lake City playing a guest spot at the Alchemy Coffee house on Fat Tuesday. Since I was fretless this trip, I asked to borrow a guitar and Roy Matthews, whom I'd just met, was kind enough to offer his curly maple Dean. Played three songs to an attentive, listening crowd, and will likely post a performance copy to the site shortly.

Thanks again to all the good folks I met in Utah this week; hope to be back your way soon!

DR ;-}

California Mini-Tour

Had great fun playing the Steynberg Gallery in San Luis Obispo (Songwriters at Play) and a guest spot at Blue Rock Shoot in Saratoga, CA. Sorry I couldn't play more, but time was limited. I've been in NY for so long, wasn't sure what kind of reception awaited--sometimes you go back home and things have changed--people, politics, musical preferences...but no need to fear, the crowds were warm and enthusiastic. Will definitely schedule some more west coast time when the new album is ready.

Groovin' in New Fairfield

Had fun at GINF last night; how can one go awry with pizza, cupcakes, and the Ya-Yas? Looking forward to the 4/30 show with Maria Sebastian.

JD Tuckers

Sometimes it's not the gigs you expect, but had a great time at a little restaurant/bar in Washington Depot, CT. The vibe was good and the new vocal/reverb gizmo was working well. I don't have all the subtleties down yet, or have all the songs programmed, but things are under control and it's adding a professional sound to the live shows. Harmonies next on the list.

Tom and Toon's

Had fun at Tom & Toon's on 51st St. last night, having dinner with Ken & Jeannie Veltz (of Veltz Family fame), theatre producer Joel Goss & Cat Guthrie, jazz singer Natalie Amendola and her sister, music producer and former A&R man John McCracken, and the amazing R&B singer Chrissi Poland. Chrissi sang two songs and I wish I could've stayed longer.

SONO Arts Festival

Wow, what a great show of art in South Norwalk, CT. Plus, got to close out the Saturday singer/songwriter stage along with the fabulous Mark Alexander on keyboards. A great gig to close out the whirlwind 3-show weekend, whew!

Clearwater Festival

Well, quite the day today, saw a number of great acts in the alternate rain and heat of the festival by the the Hudson River. Shawn Colvin, Joan Osborne, Donna the Buffalo, and Folklore Urbano. Stopped backstage to say hi to Shawn who I hadn't really seen since the Cottonwood days; she was very gracious and thanked me for stopping by. Ran into many other music friends including Lucy Kaplanski, Lisa Grey (Blue River Promotions), the YaYas, Steve Kirkman, Red Molly, and more. Biggest surprise was Ronald Polo and Folklore Urbano, they're not just good, they were fantastic. Colombian music from the Caribbean to the Pacific, full of life--no choice but to dance.