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Warped Corpses update 2015 (Top 17 local!!)

Dear fans, thank you for your endless support, endless adds, and I am going my best to fan back, whoever fans us. Currently, my gear was stolen a couple years back. There is new material made by Ben, he's going to school so, we are just waiting for him to have time to make new material. No vocal tracks, there has been one, or two rehearsals. Which have been great, there has been some strong growth. But I have also shown interest in doing other projects til Warped Corpses is back. I have picked up the guitar, been practicing vocals, wrote some smashing guitar parts. (Heavy, fast paced shit!) I am currently zeroed out on funds to replace my equipment, but do know. it is happening. Another update. We are anti-police brutality, anti elitist, Anti-NWO, and our new profile band pic is for 9/11 truth, global. We are not just a "nationalized," band we are a global effort. We respect all origins, all sexual preferenced, (GAY, STRAIGHT, DOESN'T MATTER!) all races, and etc. ALL ARE WELCOME IN WARPED CORPSES FAMILY! Come show your support, send messages, give us adds, love, and we will do our best in returning the favor. And if anyone is interested in starting a new project, inbox me. -Much love, Coop

Belated Update, Warped Corpses, and More.

Well, I've stocked up on some gear, I've been rewriting, editing, revising, lyrics that have been posted on my personal profiles on various social, and band networks. And have been also writing for another projects, or song collaborations, possibly express through either a solo project, or a full band. I'm trying to commit to more than just one kind of music, stay open, and creative. I've slowed down on smoking, still spitting up junk, but, its better this way in the long run!!

I'm still waiting for the word about "D.T.F.T.D." wrote some lyrics, and had some ideas to put out. Just waiting to get together, get comfortable, and get acquainted through making some tunes. And also been writing bluesy kind of riffs, and kinda funk, and weaving what else I know into it. Dedicated alot of time playing this new Epiphone, Les Paul, a hypnotic blue tints, silver humbuckers. And got a m-audio keyboard axiom 49, just missing an RCA adapt, then I'll be set, running Sonik Syth. 2. It's rather bad-ass, once everything gets CORRECTED, OR FIXED!! Just that program, I also Live.

Also, to add to the list of gear, got a laptop to start preparing everything to be processed through programs to get it how I want to sound, and create beats for it. And a Peavy, Vypyr Amplifier. 24, or possibly more channels, and tones, and tweeks to record with the vocal microphone. Still alot of equipment to go... But, Who knows, might be able to go without, depends how this all begins to work out.

Woo, So, I guess I'm excited to be finally playing guitar, opening my learning grounds, have the room, and gear to accomplish GOOD SOUNDING TRACKS, I believe some I should re-record, edit, and etc.

ALOT more going on than I could possibly explain.

Keep check us out, check out the links, All songs are back up for streaming, and download, Ya want them, come and get 'em!

I'll try to update more, when more is established with projects like, D.T.F.T.D., and other possible collaboration with other bands as well. Like duet's, small separate bands, musical guests inside (my projects, I'm speaking for.) and other approaches we would love to try out, and transfer the sound from my head, from my heart, into recording.

And, I'm going to make a few attempts to redue vocals, and possible Sundays, It all depends. I've been having alot of ideas, and alot of development vocal wise, guitar wise, lyric wise, and key/syth/programs, and Etc.

I hope to have SOMETHING new up VERY soon, I'm just gonna do some vocal tracks, and leave it up in the air to either Warped, D.T.F.T.D, and etc.

Thanks for being cool ya'll. I miss everyone on our friends list, Don't be afraid to drop a line, Say hello. Its whatever.

ALOT is up in the air in the potential groups, and potential members, some who are considering starting something, or just doing something for shits and giggles. It all depends how we feel after something established possibility, and also certainty. Alot of options to go through.

Thanks everyone, fan, bands, and listeners. I'm excited to show you what's become apart of this machine.


Calling All Bands! Anyone Want To Remix?!

I'm collecting the vocal tracks to go back over, and totally redoing my vocals, maybe lyrics. May add more, but while we''ll be doing this, I'll be setting up vocal tracks for every person who wants to remix access. I've enjoyed what Black Synapse has done, and it's made me want to hear how others would transform it.

ANYONE, and I mean, ANYONE is welcome to remix our shit, even after the better vocals are done, I'll let ya'll DL them for better experiences. It'll take a cool minute before their done, and I'm sorry, BUT... Better than saying it'll take a year. I'm being productive as possible. Thanks everyone.

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For the critics

Well, no matter how many thumbs down your gonna throw, what you definition of music is, PERIOD, we are not going anywhere. Because of your nations "crisis" or "recession," what ever sugar coated name your gonna give it, we're here to tell you how it is, Few of our songs relate to politics, Such as "Parade of Ignorance." We through this music out to prove to you all, that you've been cheated FOR YEARS, AND YEARS, AND 4 MORE YEARS TO COME! Because most people bow to everyone, and instead of owning up to NO ONE! We are here for more solid purposes than most of you ever will be. We are not here to make money obviously, we are here to express ourselves, and enjoy what WE DO. Something to take into consideration as well, opinions are never a really big deal, because Metallica's new Album (AHAH! It's a goddamn joke by the way.) poorly entitled "Death Magnetic," from the pile of shit they stepped in, they start out from that pile of shit, and stepped into another pile of shit, and still washed up rock stars who've sold out not only their pride, but their reasoning of why they did music in the first place. And generally, last time I checked a poll, 56% of people "LOVE THAT FUCKIN' ALBUM!!!," When in truth, they love is, only cause it's Metallica, once again, not for the music. Which proves to me, again, that 56% of the world love's shitty music. So, in which proves to us, that your opinions, are all stupid, corny fucking jokes. Enjoy.