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Top 10 in 2009, upcoming mini-tour, and CD Release

Hey everybody.

We're off to Ottawa, Wakefield, Quebec and Kingston this weekend to ramp up for the CD release January 14th at Hugh's Room. http://www.hughsroom.com

The mini-tour just got some big 'plugging' by CBC, and our friends at CHUO, (U of Ottawa ) who also just announced Stick To Your Guns as one of their top 10 albums of 2009!

The first blog review of Long gone Lonesome Lullabies is up at http:// www.smalltowntoronto.com

Hope to see y'all soon!

First official review of Long gone Lonesome Lullabies

Hey! Long gone Lonesome Lullabies is all ready to go, and the first official review is posted up on http://www.smalltowntoronto.com. Don't miss the CD launch party at Hugh's room January 14th! Buy advance tickets and save money at http://www.hughsroom.com.

Thanks! -Darrin

Them College kids sure like the Strip, eh Bessie?

The Strip's 'Stick To Your Guns' debuted on the comprehensive NATIONAL campus/community charts today at number 31! This charts includes international stars like Animal Collective and Anthony & The Johnsons, as well as the homegrown elite such as Serena Ryder, Wintergloves and The Stills.


I shall be released...

Like a proud but over-protective parent sending their well-nutured, blue eyed baby boy off to kindergarten for the first time, I'm both excited and really anxious about the release of our new album, Stick To Your Guns. Working on something so intensely for half of a year naturally causes a closeness to a project that can be dangerous. It's one thing to hear peoples opinion of a show directly after the fact, it's something altogether different to know that your work is out there in the ether, being listened to and judged by people you've never seen. Trying to keep a stiff upper lip when well-meaning friends offer 'opinions' such as "I don't like the way you write bridges" or "why would you choose THOSE songs for the album" can be a true test. But it's out there now, I'm proud as Hell, and only feel paranoid about 'Stick To Your Guns' reception about 45% of the time. -Darrin Davis