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Special thanks

it's been a long road but i want to give a special thanks to everyone who gives me support wether sharing a song or just telling me that you like my music... sometimes we all doubt ourselves and the simplest compliment can be a major self esteem booster.. so THANK YOU TO ALL MY FRIENDS FAMILY AND SUPPORTERS IMMA KEEP IT COMING!!!!!

call to keeping it real

ATTENTION ALL FANS, Promoters, composers, A&Rs, Producers, ARTISTS,friends and family. this is my personal CALL to KEEP it REAL with ME. i have been doing music for over 5 years now and although most responses have been positive. i need more support apparently cause i have not really seen any progression. if you like my songs tell me what you like so i can do more of the same. if you don't like my music don't be afraid to tell me what you think can change and i will take it into consideration. to you promoters don't be fraudulent KEEP IT REAL if you think that i have potential but i am not ready for certain elements tell me how to prepare for those elements don't talk behind my BACK. fans keep the love coming and as always friends and familly thanks for the support.

LION TAFARI  (over 7 years ago)

Wah gwaan brethren i listened to your muzik you got some potential let me tell you something every artist have there distinct style and every listening ear is different there is always a place for fresh sound in muzik inna good way not that garbage i be hearing lately in the entertainment world once you talk bout reality and be real to yourself you will be alright keep the muzik flowing as time goes on your talent perfects Jah lives always put him first bless.

Jah'Gambo Kyat
Jah'Gambo Kyat  (about 7 years ago)

yes i! give thanks lion!
i will continue to push!