CD Release at Bitter End, Wed, April 20 at 8

Well, it's coming. DECOSTER is having a CD release party for the new recording "Walking in the Sun". We're doing it at The Bitter End on Bleecker Street in Manhattan. Not only am I happy to be performing on the stage where many legends got their start, I'll be doing it in front of you guys. Invitations will start to pour out at the end of this month. Consider this the teaser to the event. You'll hear songs from the album and some new ones as well. This is the Star Wars of gigs.....it's that important...a launch of a summer tour, in fact. Anyway, just thought I'd put it out there. Other gigs will lead up to this one, of course, because it never hurts to keep yourself out there as often as you can. See you soon!

Booking a tour and looking at the fog

It's not easy to know where to begin when you're doing something for the first time. I'm booking a tour to support the new CD and looking at the Northeast. Upstate New York and Pennsylvania are candidates. If you're a fan on the Reverbnation site and want to chime in about venues, I'm all ears and fingers with which to correspond with you.

Upcoming CD release party and tour

In the process of planning a CD release party and a tour of the Northeast. Right now, it's being mapped out as most things in one's head and heart need to be. The urge is there and this blog is one manifestation of that. More later.

new CD is here

Finally completed the new CD. The copies are here and it looks great. I want to thank the following musicians and producers for helping me get it together: Rich Kulsar, Stanley John Mitchell, Israel Diaz, and, of course, Fleza Doza, who contributed bass, guitar, keyboards, and his guidance and vision as producer of the CD. Please look up brooklynnativestudios.com if you are an aspiring musician who wants a dedicated producer/engineer to help you with your project.

I also want to thank Raquel Irizarry, my wife, for putting together the website (www.decostermusic.com), the photographs, videos, and many aspects of my career. Love you very much.

Look for a CD release party in Manhattan this spring. It is available at shows if you attend in the meantime.

once a month blogging

What to say with just a window of time? Well....hi. How are you? New batteries for the Roland street amp and some new covers. I have a Loop pedal a friend loaned to me that I have yet to try. If you want to get me a Holiday present (I'll take it after Dec 25..not picky), I would love a loop pedal of my own. Meantime, best to you and your family. May the best memories to come this holiday season loop in your head for as long as you can stand it. A smile that never ends doesn't have to be the work of the Joker.


Sight-reading: sounds like this is something to do all the time. I get chords and scales from a jazz book by Doug Munroe. He gives many examples of scales, arpeggios, and solos. I don't do it enough.

Solos now have more of a voice than they did because of exposure and actual playing and reading of solos already done. People need building blocks for a style they can develop as musicians. These can come from listening to a variety of music, encountering examples of what has gone before, performing with others as a player in other styles. Help musicians on projects whom you would like to help you on projects. The discovery of musicians we enjoy working with is often organic. We may seek players, but it is our meeting with others like "Playing For Change" in which we can find people whom we can gel with on all levels when we perform and create together. This blog was not planned. It was done off the top of my head: I hope you find some of this helpful. Let me know what you think.

revived song coming along

The song "Responsibility" has got its chords in order. I will review the lyrics. When I wrote it, it was in the vein of XTC, a band I loved at the time. As the years roll past, I want to review the lyrics and see if they speak to me in the same way. It's hard to finish a good song much less write one, but I'll just have faith in the process. I hope you find faith in yours. Have a great day.

Recovering a cherished song

After playing around with chords, jotting down ideas, and getting in shape for the next performance, I had a song in my head which was one of the first songs I wrote. It was called "Responsibility" and had alternate tunings. I lost the original lyrics sheet which had the tuning. I thought I tuned it to a D minor chord (D-A-D-A-D-F)? and attempted to recall the arrangement, recalling the melody on the top string. It was not, in fact, the tuning and when I went through what I thought was the arrangement, it sounded nothing like what I remembered. I returned the guitar back to standard tuning and played an arrangement which very closely approximated the original chords. I decided I could do a reboot of the song with regular tuning. However, I found that its original key was similar to a current song I do and put a capo on the third fret. I found the song sounded even more fresh. I hope I'm right in the long run. If all goes well, you'll hear it in the future. If not, at least you had an interesting blog to read.

What makes a musician?

What makes a musician? Aside from hours of practice, dedication, and a genuine calling from the muse? Someone whose heart is easily moved by the spirit no matter where it comes from. A musician is someone who stops at nothing to reveal all that radiates in her/his soul. A musician is someone who shares, honors, and respects those on the same musical journey.

Very quickly

It seems like there's so little time in the day. The rain makes the day go a little longer. Maintaining can actually be an extraordinary undertaking. I could do something all day. I could also do something in half the time and use every fiber of my being to make it count. I could also listen to you and hear how you go about your day. You could possibly stun me into a corner, but this is not about chess. This is about embarking on what the mind fancies and attuning it to the vibrations of the world and beyond.It can be way off or dead on, but do people who love what they do always aim?