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Our complete discography


1992 Internal Visions CD/cassette (Peer Pressure Productions)

1999 New World Order CD (Random Conflict Music)

2007 Annihilation Generation CD (Random Conflict Music)

2008 Invisible City CD (Stickman Records)

2013 Tradition Is The Enemy LP/CD (No Profit Records)


1988 Defying The Megadread cassette (Random Conflict Music)

1989 Psychotronic Mecca cassette (Random Conflict Music)

1991 Shadows Of Existence 7” (Peer Pressure Productions)

1996 Blown Fuse cassette (Random Conflict Music)

1997 Anti-Crisis split 7”/cassette (Pun Crock Records)

1998 When We Do Right No One Remembers, When We Do Wrong No One Forgets cassette (Random Conflict Music)

1999 Up Chucked cassette (Random Conflict Music)

2000 Four Chords, Attitude And The Truth cassette (Random Conflict Music)

2013 Commonwealth Of American Natives split 7” (Shit Starter Records)


1990 Extreme Hardcore cassette (no label)

1991 Angry Kids Unite! cassette (Peer Pressure Productions)

1992 Letters To April From Your Classmates cassette (Brontosaurus Productions)

1997 Fuck The East Bay This Is N.O.K. CD (Nation Of Kids Records)

1997 Tradition Of Lies cassette (Blatherskyte Noise)

1998 Oh! The Humanity CD (Vorgo Records)

1998 Unfun cassette (Unfun Industries)

1998 Come Tap Dance With Me cassette (You’re Not Normal Records)

1998 Take Back Your Life cassette (You’re Not Normal Records)

1999 Crusty Comp, Vol. I CD (Crusty Records)

1999 Punk N Pie CD (513 Club)

2000 Zero To Sixty In Seventy-Three Bands CD (No! No! Recordings)

2000 Crusty Comp, Vol. II CD (Crusty Records)

2000 Up And Down Movie Soundtrack CD (Punk Productions)

2000 This Is Florence: A 603 Project (March 25, 2000 Live Recording) 7” (Arkam Records)

2001 For A Good Time Call… CD (Going Under Records)

2002 Play It Loud cassette (no label)

2003 We Did It Our Own Way CD (Victimized Records)

2003 Here’s To Last Summer CD (Sky Bucket Records)

2004 Southern Hardcore The Way It Is CD (D-Fens Records)

2011 The Collective Underground, Vol. III CD (Brown Bag Propaganda Records)


1998 Crudbucket (Pun Crock Records)

1999 Conflict: Rage Is A Blessing (RC International)

2004 Spring Broke (Illuminati Pictures)