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What Haiti has to do with me doing music!

Oddly enough music has never been so popular. The reason I say that is because there is such diversity in music. You have so many choices to make a decision from. Beyond the various types of music style, there is also culture wich also has to do with the choices we have as far as music. I myself come from a place that is much different than America but also I'm very much culturally Americanized. Growing up in an American environment with a lot of influence from Haiti has been a blessing. Growing up I had access to Haitian food, language, family and friends. This lead me to be more open with both cultures. As far as music specifically this left me with ears that tolerate many different sounds and languages because I understood how to be open to difference since I was different. Friends, fans and readers, Haiti and it's various situations has me thinking very hard of how I can help. Being that I was given a talent in music I feel it is a way to express and help the world understand what my people go through. Please listen to my music and support Haiti as much as you can. If you would like to help but don't know how or who to go to email me at zoejmusic@myself.com. General Rouj