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Preparing for the album release.

Good friends,

A lot has been going on for LMSC in the past couple of months. We've recorded our debut EP, "No Trains," planning to release it on January 16th at our CD release show at Bottega in Wilmington, NC, with the EP appearing shortly after on iTunes. We've been recruiting fans and even new band members. A warm welcome is in order for our new drummer, Chris Kane, and our new lead guitarist, Dan DiGiovanni. We're working our way toward a tour in the spring, when we'll be hitting the east coast like a shuttlecock in play.

We are looking forward to seeing a lot of new and familiar faces on the 16th as we unveil our new music. Bring coats. It's cold out there!


Tonight at Bottega!

We'll be playing with the wonderful Fever and the Fallin' Rain tonight at Bottega Art and Wine. Please come out and support your friends! Also, we'll have some free CDs to give away.