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Pioneer Saloon Gig - August 6th 8:30

Libido Blues is opening for East Crescent Band at Pioneer Saloon in Woodside, Saturday August 6th. We're playing a tight set from 8:30 to 9:15 so come early and be prepared to be knocked off your feet. Come late and you're going to miss our show.

First Band Meeting with Nazia

We're having our first get together tonight with Nazia. We'll discuss what it means to be a band, review Nazia's vocal range compared to our standard song list and review her recommended songs to add to the band's song list.

I'll let you know how the meeting went.

Meet our new Vocalist

Go to the "Songs" section to listen to Nazia's audition tapes and enjoy!

Libido Blues Business Cards

We're using guitar picks as our business cards. Red picks with metallic silver LIBIDO BLUES .COM embossed into the pick Pick one up free at any of our shows! Take a look in our photos section for a look see!