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Street Bass Anthems Vol. 5 Coming Soon

Full announcement on the latest installment of the Street Bass series later this month!

Store links to grab "In Grain We Trust" single!!!

Here's a bunch of spots you grab my latest single, out now on Sub Philo Music!

Many other shops are stocking as well, so check in at your favorite digi store!

http://www.junodownload.com/products/in-grain-we-trust/1710169-02/ https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/337804/in-grain-we-trust http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/in-grain-we-trust-ep/id421666849 http://www.digital-tunes.net/releases/in_grain_we_trust http://www.7digital.com/artists/dev79/in-grain-we-trust/ http://www.amazon.com/In-Grain-We-Trust/dp/B004PAC4PA/ http://www.djtunes.com/dev79/in-grain-we-trust

Sub Philo Music is proud to present the release of Dev79's "In Grain We Trust" EP

Dev79, Philly's Street Bass kingpin, unleashes his long awaited slab of future garage called "In Grain We Trust" on Sub Philo Music this month. Sub Philo is a quickly rising bass music label, known for their releases featuring the likes of DZ, Tomb Crew, Defunct!, Bombaman, Zeppy Zep and label owner Thrills. On this track Dev79 takes a classic reggae sample and flips it into an evolving track that takes influence from UK funky and 2-step but maintains a sound uniquely its own. The remixes by Pacheko, Thrills and Tony Rocky Horror expand upon these ideas further to round a diverse package of bangers that will rock all kinds of dancefloors!

Philadelphia’s brazen Dev79, aka Gair Marking, has been bangin’ out the underground sounds for years. With an almost reckless abandon he attacks a barrage of genres (from UKG to Grime to Tropical to Dubstep to Rap and whatever the fuck else) to create his spin on the Street Bass style. He’s done recent remixes for +Verb, Raffertie, DZ, Starkey, BD1982, Gobs the Zombie, Guttstar, Mestizo, Dmn Days, and is soon to present a mixtape for up and coming r&b/reggae singer Sheba as well as working on a collab EP with Seattle's Thrills (Sub Philo Music). Dev79 and Starkey are the masterminds behind the Seclusiasis empire and Street Bass Anthems series, as well as the Slit Jockey Records imprint with partner El Carnicero.

"In Grain We Trust" DJ Support from: Starkey, Deville, Cardopusher, Mat The Alien, Ill Cosby, Blnd!, Cune4m, +Verb & more!

http://soundcloud.com/dev79 http://twitter.com/dev79 http://facebook.com/dev.seven.nine http://soundcloud.com/subphilomusicgroup/dev79-in-grain-we-trust-promo http://subphilomusic.blogspot.com/

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3 Gigs this week, Jerz and Brooklyn get ready!

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and if you can't make it to anything in person, don't forget you can tune in online LIVE on thursday from 6pm-10pm www.dailysession.com to hear our live broadcast from the halcyon shop in brooklyn! i'll be on the decks around 9pm.

Tasty Lazers (Dev79 & Thrills Remix) OUT NOW!!!

The Tasty Lazers EP is out pretty much everywhere as of today! This is Kaiser's 2nd release on Slit Jockey Records and is power packed with 3 originals and remixes from Dev79 & Thrills, Kozee, BD1982 and Halp!!!

Get it at these fine spots now!!!

iTunes http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewAlbum?id=416451947&affId=1581970

Juno Download http://www.junodownload.com/products/tasty-lazers-ep/1690904-02/

Beatport https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html/content/release/detail/331519/Tasty%20Lazers%20EP

Boomkat http://boomkat.com/downloads/374999-kaiser-tasty-lazers-ep

7Digital http://www.7digital.com/artists/kaiser/tasty-lazers-ep

eMusic http://www.emusic.com/album/Kaiser-Tasty-Lazers-EP-MP3-Download/12361791.html

Amazon http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004K9F8S

upcoming release info!

Dev79 & Thrills Remix of Kaiser's "Tasty Lazers" will be out on Slit Jockey Records exclusively at Juno Download on Jan 31 and on iTunes, Beatport and everywhere Feb 14!!! This release will feature 3 original Kaiser tunes plus additional remixes from BD1982, Kozee and Halp. Dev79 "In Grain We Trust" single out on Sub Philo Music this February, featuring remixes from Pacheko and Thrills & Tony Rocky Horror.

more details as soon as i have confirmations.

my top 10 of 2010 for phila citypaper

Go check out the full article here:


Top 10 Dance/Electronic Albums of 2010 by Gair "Dev79" Marking

Published: Dec 29, 2010

1. V/A Night Slugs Allstars Volume 1 (Night Slugs)

Night Slugs had a simply excellent year, stacked with sick releases one after another. This comp is a cool one-stop to get an overview of the grimy, tropical "gutter house" sound the label has been championing. Get this.

2. V/A Bangs & Works Vol. 1: A Chicago Footwork Compilation (Planet Mu)

I can't deny that the resurgence of juke and ghetto-tech sounds excites me. It's great to hear new sound palettes and approaches to the classic dance formula. This comp gives lots of bump to get ya body into.

3. Terror Danjah Undeniable (Hyperdub)

One of the forefathers of grime had an awesome year with a number of singles, EPs and this album. This shit has groove for days and a nice variety of instrumental and vocal cuts.

4. Cam'ron & Vado DJ Drama presents Boss of All Bosses 2.5 (Gangsta Grillz)

Not necessarily dance music, but plenty of fire. Was a tough call between volumes 2 and 2.5, but "Speakin' Tongues" put this one over the edge. Drug rap forever!

5. Guido Anidea (Punch Drunk)

Known for pioneering the "purple" sound in dubstep (alongside Joker and Gemmy), Guido comes very correct with his debut full-length. The depth and swagger displayed here will keep ya ears happy to be attached to ya head.

6. Starkey Ear Drums and Black Holes (Planet Mu)

Sometimes I almost wish Starkey was not my friend or business partner, so that I could more unabashedly espouse on his talents. Well, anyway, dope music speaks for itself.

7. Leftside/Dr. Evil Split Personality Vol. 1 (Self-released)

My fave dancehall reggae tape this year. I'm usually not super big on tongue-in-cheek music, but this shit is hot and got a lot of play, with 44 tracks helping me trudge through work I didn't wanna be doing.

8. Wiley Zip Files (self-released)

Obviously, the dynamic of the music industry has been constantly changing since the advent of mp3s, and here the ever-enigmatic Wiley throws another curveball. After firing his manager, on Twitter he drops 11 zip links with more than 200 tracks, for free. Clearly not everything is A-material, but there are certainly a lot of gems.

9. BD1982 Let's Talk Math (Seclusiasis)

I was really trying to not put this on here — cuz it was released on my label — but there was a few-month period this year where I listened to this so heavy that it connects strongly with 2010 to me. There's a great cohesive listening journey here. Take it with a boulder of salt, if you must.

10. ikonika Contact, Love, Want, Have (Hyperdub)

I'm feelin' the vibes here. At once, both blunted and danceable, she has carved out a nice little sonic niche for herself.

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