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'More Guitars Than Friends' review

ANNI PIPER MORE GUITARS THAN FRIENDS SUGAR DADDY RECORDS WONDER WOMAN–JUST A LITTLE BIT–BUCKLE BUNNY–MORE GUITARS THAN FRIENDS–PAPER BAG–COLD PIZZA AND WARM BEER–SHOTGUN WEDDING–I’M LOST WITHOUT YOU–EUGENE–BLACKBERRY BRANDY Anni Piper is an incredibly-talented bassist and vocalist, originally from Australia, now residing here in the States deep down in Florida. She is so revered by the folks in her native homeland, she is affectionately-known as “Australia’s First Lady Of The Blues.” After listening to her latest release (as well as virtually all her prior catalog), we’ve a new moniker for her, after another famous middle Tennessee native—Anni, to us you are the “Bettie Page of the blues!” Killer vocals and a wicked strong bass style paired with her pinup-queen good looks makes this one a no-brainer. Her latest, the first on her own Sugar Daddy Records label, is entitled “More Guitars Than Friends,” and consists of seven originals and three covers that lend themselves well to her brassy, sassy, sexy, and tough-yet-tender vocal delivery. Her bass jumps the boogie on “Wonder Woman,” as she ties up a cheatin’ lover in that Lariat Of Truth, and now “I wonder what I saw in you!” Sax legend Charlie DeChant adds the spice to Anni’s biting commentary on her lover’s latest conquest, who is in dire need of that proverbial “Paper Bag!” The title cut features shimmering lead guitar lines from Dave Kury as Anni laments the rigors of life on the road, when sometimes you feel that you really do have “More Guitars Than Friends.” She turns in a fine rockin’ performance on Rosco Gordon’s “Just A Little Bit,” and turns up the heat on a torch-y plea for a lover’s return, “I’m Lost Without You,” set over a sweet rhumba beat. We had two favorites, too. “Eugene” is another smokin’ tale of a womanizer, this one done up Fifties’-style, courtesy of Mike Franklin’s pounding 88’s. That trend continues on the undeniable good times of “Buckle Bunny,” an ultra-humorous look at Anni’s fetish for cowboys, or, as she so aptly puts it, “chaps in chaps!” After one listens to Anni Piper’s “More Guitars Than Friends,” we are sure you’ll feel the same way we do—Anni makes the blues FUN! Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society. https://donandsherylsbluesblog.wordpress.com/

Review published by Vero Beach Newsweekly Feb 5, 2014

Anni Piper made a stop in Vero Beach to play at Thirty-Three and a Third, which is the lounge and bistro at the Vero Beach Inn. She is here from Australia touring the U.S. with Brent Johnson and The Call Up from New Orleans and together they are laying down their brand of sultry rocking blues.

Anni plays bass guitar and sings the blues with a deep, soulful sound that takes over the room. She absolutely commands the stage with her combination of a heavy but harmonic voice, and a been-there-done-that strut. Barefoot in a red cocktail dress and brandishing both an electric bass guitar and a powerful blues vocal tone, this down under diva makes quite the impression. Backed by the more than capable (and successful in their own right) Brent Johnson And The Call Up, Anni Piper might steal the show from any lesser band.

However, Brent Johnson’s powerful and accurate skill on the electric guitar is enough to stand out on any stage. Brent Johnson was a child prodigy, playing guitar as early as four-years- old. He has become somewhat of an underground guitar hero, and is quite likely your favorite guitar player’s favorite guitar player. Brent Johnson And The Call Up, who on this night simply featured Brent on electric guitar and John Perkins on drums, provided a solid foundation for Anni Piper to give us a host of tunes, many from her debut album Jailbait.

The title track, “Jailbait” was a powerhouse performance. I loved the super-slow groove, “Love Her With A Feeling,” that sent Anni into the crowd to collect tips, all the while playing her bass guitar trough a wireless hookup. Another stand out was the song “Texas Hold’em”. I couldn’t quite figure out exactly what that song was about, but I liked it just the same.

Anni Piper along with Brent Johnson And The Call Up are headed to Orlando next, and then on to New England and the Midwest to eventually conclude their US tour in Omaha, Nebraska at Ozone on February 25th. You can find music, photos and all of Anni Piper’s albums online at annipiper.com. And if you are into serious blues guitar, I suggest checking out Brent Johnson And The Call Up at their page on Reverbnation.com. Rock On!

Review written by Leslie Goodrich

Anni Piper's interview with "Howl"


Skope Magazine Interview with Anni Piper (December 2011)

http://skopemag.com/2011/12/06/anni-piper-offers-a-blues-alternative-to-christmas-tunes Join me as I talk with Anni from halfway across the globe about her album ‘Chasin Tail’, her love for blues, how she got started, and so much more!.......

Chasin' Tail review - www.thealternateroot.com

Anni Piper has a blues snarl and snap that comes off her voice so clearly on record that you could swear you feel a little spray of spit hit your face. Despite the onslaught of sound, it is a three piece in there making all that noise on Chasin’ Tail. Anni strikes a bass pose, Reuben Alexander compliments here in the rhythm department on drums and Sam Buckley fills all the spaces in between with planet ravishing guitar licks.

Chasin’ Tail rattles with power. “Highway Time” dances with a funky ass guitar for on a road trip that keeps its foot to the floor, “Amazon” boogies as a background for Anni’s voice as it plays tag with guitar notes, “Hide Away” rides hard across country blues, “Bleeding Heart Tattoo” stutters and steps as its narrator heads for the door and “Dreamcatcher” shows what happens when the blues kids take a nap in the prog rock room.  Anni Piper plays sharp Blues from her Australia home base. Chasin’ Tail makes sure that the next sound you hear will be a blues rock thunder from down under.


CD Review - Chasin Tail - Sunday Night Blues Project


Friday, June 11, 2010 Annie Piper "Chasin Tail"

From the first cluster of guitar notes this cd grabbed my attention, and then a wonderful thing happened--Annie Piper began to sing. She has the kind of voice and delivery that goes straight to your heart. The music is passionate in-your-face blues and blues rock, played well and best heard LOUD. The songs are originals, along with ripping good covers of Freddie King's "Hideaway" and Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Child Slight Return." If you are a fan of Janiva Magness just go buy this cd immediately--Annie Piper will, as my friend Don says, melt your face right off. The band is Sam Buckley on guitar, Annie Piper on vocals and bass, and Reuben Alexander on drums. Good stuff.

This cd is on Blues Leaf Records. Posted by Bruce at 9:10 AM

Dreamcatcher - the video (Anni Piper)

Anni Piper's first music video from her 2010 release "Chasin' Tail" is now online. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkMiosvio9k

REVIEW "Chasin' Tail" - www.soundguardian.com (translated)

I was pleasantly surprised when I received this album "Chasin' Tail" from the enchanting Australian blues artist Anni Piper, who offers distinctive and fascinating velvety vocals and plays the bass guitar, winning blues fans around the world. This project has been published by Black Market Music (Australia) & Blues Leaf Records (USA). I admit, I'm so glad this great album just arrived from Australia. It is an indisputable fact that the blues musicians in the remote of Australia are wonderfully creative and what is even more important that their work is marked and clearly determined by the quality. Every now and then from Australia come great musicians; from the jazzy orjenitiranih such as enticing Tal Winkelfeld, or the traditionally oriented Ash Grunwald, & stylized Glen Terry, to all the other acclaimed musicians and bands who are working tirelessly, performing and recording materials which should draw attention to their work. Anni Piper is already known because of her inaugural album in 2004. "Jailbait", enter truly great unrest among the many who, in one way or another, dealing with the blues. But as if that was not enough, came the new album "Texas Hold 'Em", in 2007. Years and over and over again we were all on our knees! And this latest "Chasin' Tail", published by Black Market Music (& Blues Leaf Records), will win the world's blues scene. Anni Piper opsebujnim her style of playing bass guitar and vocals, breaking everything in its way. Her band consists of musicians who know very well their job and have accordingly recorded songs which attract attention due to both both the strength of the songs and their superb performance. The trio who played here include: Anni Piper - Vocals & Bass Sam Buckley - guitar Reuben Alexander - drums. On the other hand, Anni's blues & roots has overwhelmed us all that have had the privilege and opportunity to meet with her previous albums. Anni will certainly achieve great success with this latest album, which is a great job from producer Rich Piper. Anni's album "Chasin' Tail" gives us the opportunity to convince many that these deep blues musicians are the best that can be found in the blues. It has a unique ability to deeply impress the audience with their new songs. Of the eleven tracks, there are three famous blues covers (If You Be My Baby, Hide Away, and Voodoo Child (Slight Return). Affordable and very light, but no doubt, extremely effective and powerful presentation form, have made this album accept everyone, even those who do not like the blues too. It is for this reason, Anni should be given due respect and we should do everything so that more people can hear her album, "Chasin' Tail". The radio show BLUES FOR YOU will be the starting point for the promotion of this great album. Anni uses this album and takes on a fantastic journey, and shows us her progress in every way. I simply can not decide which is better or more effective: her vocals, her bass playing or her undeniably strong composition potential. Anni Piper has come so far in her short career so far and is just starting to really heat things up! Well, just wondering ... what will happen later? If it continues like this, we can expect the right to madness! RECOMMENDATION: If you like the blues I am confident that you will not doubt or have second thoughts that Anni Piper, with her skillful presentation of absolutely original blues roots, will simply win all those who hear the album "Chasin' Tail". Anni Piper - "Chasin Tail" Author: Mladen Loncar - Mike, Sunday, 07 March 2010

Anni Piper REVIEW from Ill Folks: Blog..celebrating under-appreciated.. Singers

Any list of awesome Aussies should include Anni Piper. She's an authentic roots blues rocker, and the highest compliment would probably be that she sounds 100% American. Her latest release is "Chasin' Tail," and one of her first was "Jailbait." She sure knows the American way with a catchy album title. And yes, that's her to your left. Which is as close as you'll ever get. Since only a rude and rabid Tasmanian Devil would cop a track off a brand new release, there's nothing from "Chasin' Tail" below. Instead, you get the song "Jailbait," a sample of her down-under wares which should be more than enough to get you piping hot for Anni, and ready to go "Chasin' Tail." She's so hot she'll probably be banned from Canada due to global warming concerns. When "Jailbait" first arrived, a nyuking Canuck at the The Edmonton Sun burned brightly for her: "Anni Piper's inner CD sleeve is quite obviously designed -- successfully -- to make men drool over the statuesque Australian Blues Mama. Then she starts singing, and all sorts of other tingly things happen. Piper has the kind of voice that lulls men to their doom. It's soft and sweet when it wants to be, scared and vulnerable a moment later, then ripping through you like a razor..." Anni's interest in music began when she was, well, jailbait. She was in school when she heard a memorable tune: "It was Paul Butterfield Blues Band playing "Born in Chicago." I knew straight away this was the direction I was heading." "Jailbait" won glowing reviews in 2005, and she followed it two years later with "Texas Hold 'Em," a title that had the average viewer figuring she was born in the Lone Star state, except…neither album had been released in the U.S.A. Her American debut would come in 2009 via the indie "Two's Company," compiling the best tracks from her first two albums. And now, 2010, there's "Chasin' Tail." So if you're chasin' Anni Piper, you have some catching up to do. ANNI PIPER JAILBAIT Posted by Ill Folks at 7:45 AM Monday, March 29, 2010

CD Review - "Chasin' Tail" (Translated from www.rootstime.be / Belgium)

This Australian artist has, with her fantastic Texas blues-rock power trio, released her fourth CD since her beginnings with "Jailbait" back in 2004. That predilection for the Texan sound you may have already discovered from her aptly named second CD, "Texas Hold 'Em". In this new piece of "Tail", Anni cannot hide “Chasin” her admiration for the Texan guitar gods! Eleven songs are found on the CD and contain covers of Hendrix’ "Voodoo Child”, Fleetwood Mac’s "If You Be My Baby ", and Freddy King 's “Hideway”. When we hear the first notes of the opener "Amazon", we are reminded a great deal of Stevie Ray's “Scuttle Buttin”..but that’s not a bad thing, certainly for the lover of pure guitar-blues rock it is a great deal of enjoyment! Anni is an excellent bassist who stands equally with many of her male colleagues, and her pure alto voice sits so nicely in the songs that they write. The new duo, of excellent guitarist Sam Buckley and drummer Reuben Alexander, ensure that typical 1970s trio power-rock sound; songs such as "The Whistleblower" and "Chasin’ Tail" reminiscent of bands such as Cream and Rory Gallagher. But primarily it is, as I have said, the Texas sound of the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan, who is her inspiration for her songs. More than that, the fact is that “down under” she is known as "the Aussie girl waving a Texas flag". Anni Piper demonstrates with her fourth release that she is one of Australia’s top blues acts. (RON)