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"Peace Unto You" Video

TWB have posted their new video, "Peace Unto You" a song off their new album "Long Road Back" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEMr4VvfBWg&feature=youtu.be

New Album

New album coming September 18, "Long Road Back" on American Showplace Music!

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Todd Wolfe Band - Live - CD review Blues Blast

Todd Wolfe Band If the words “power trio” were in the dictionary, it would be accompanied by a picture of The Todd Wolfe Band. With their latest release, Live (American Home Entertainment), Wolfe and bandmates Roger Voss (drums) and Suavek Zaniesienko (bass) show the results of almost constant touring over the past two years with one of the most impressive live performances captured on disc in quite some time (a DVD is also available). Like many blues artists before him, Wolfe was first enthralled by the musicians that were part of the British Invasion of the ’60s, before he moved to the blues artists that inspired his favorite guitarists. He paid his dues for a number of years, plugging away with various bands, opening for acts like Gregg Allman, Johnny Winter, Robin Trower, Dickey Betts, and the Neville Brothers, before hooking up with Sheryl Crow and serving as her guitarist for nearly five years. After leaving Crow, Wolfe started over, forming his own group, which he has fronted for ten years. Live is a dazzling set of original tunes, recorded in Quakertown, PA last summer. If you were a fan of the late ’60s blues/rock monsters like Mountain, Cream, or even the Allman Brothers, this is the disc for you. Some of the highlights include the eight-minute-plus slow blues, “Cold Blue Night,” “Beg Forgiveness,” a rocker which opens with a classic Hubert Sumlin “Killin’ Floor” riff, and the other-worldly “Gates of Heaven,” with Wolfe’s shimmering lead guitar. A pair of tunes steers toward the psychedelic days, “Black Hearted Woman” and “Change Will Come,” while the slow rocker “Silver Blue” sizzles. The closer, “Shame,” is 14 minutes of blues/rock heaven….the band doing what it does best, and it’s a perfect send-off to a great disc. Wolfe is dynamite on guitar, while Zaniesienko and Voss are an incredibly tight rhythm section. They also provide excellent background vocals on most of the tracks. Blues rockers will absolutely have to have this one in their collection. The Todd Wolfe Band’s Live is as good a blues/rock disc as you will hear this year. --- Graham Clarke

Todd Wolfe - CD Review - Vintage Guitar magazine

Todd Wolfe Band American Home Entertainment Wolfe is best known as a sideman for Sheryl Crow, but he has also recorded with Leslie West and Faith Hill, among others. Now, with his own group – a trio – Wolfe delivers a set of nine originals and a live cover that captures the key elements of the band. In the tradition of potent jam bands like Cream or Gov’t Mule, the tunes here are extended for full effect, mixing verse and chorus with extensive soloing. Nowhere is this better demonstrated than the show-closing "Shame," which features guitar work that weaves elements of the Allman Brothers with Hendrix shadings. Tempo and key changes, unusual timekeeping, and interesting phrasing keep the lengthier cuts interesting. Strong vocal work fills the non-jam spaces, and Wolfe flavors each cut with a variety of classic solid and semi-solid axes. Most of all, Wolfe and company grab the vibe and run with it, melding to form a single musical unit that knows how to simmer – and when to turn up the heat. – ECS

CD Review - Blues Wax

http://bluesrevue.com/2011/03/todd-wolfe-band-live-3-4-11/ The Todd Wolfe Band Live American Home Entertainment CD and DVD BluesWax Rating: 8 Blues That Rocks Todd Wolfe toured with Sheryl Crow from 1993 until 1998. This is his seventh solo recording. On his last Bluesleaf Records LP, Stripped Down At The Bang Palace, Wolfe gave us a “live” set of mostly blues covers. His guitar and especially his passionate vocals were impressive. On this new “live” set, Wolfe concentrates on his own songs. Like early Tab Benoit, he is unafraid to rework his compositions, always reinventing them along the way. This is an exciting blues-rock set. The Todd Wolfe Band reminds me of the bands of the 1960s and ’70s. On the opening track, “Ready For Love,” and again on “Crowded in My Soul” reprised from Wolfe’s Delaware Crossing CD, the band produces an infectious sound similar to Cream. “Cold Black Night” is a deep blues, while “Beg Forgiveness” has the band in a delicious groove. The fourteen-minute “Shame” opens with a New Orleans beat and completes their set. This CD and DVD were recorded at McCool’s Art Place in Quakerstown, Pennsylvania. The band includes Wolfe on guitars and lead vocal, bassist Suavek Zaniesienko, and Roger Voss on drums. What’s impressive is the collective energy they create. This is even more evident on the DVD as the visuals add a lot to the presentation. Seven additional songs and footage from a German blues festival are also included on the DVD. Surprisingly, they do not do any covers on this new album, but if you like your blues with rock, this all-original set will not disappoint you. Richard Ludmerer is contributing editor to BluesWax and can be reached by commenting below.

Todd Wolfe Review - Icon Magazine

The Todd Wolfe Band The Todd Wolfe Band Live American Home Entertainment When guitarist Todd Wolfe decided to record a live album, the Easton, Pa., resident stayed in his home state. The Todd Wolfe Band Live, recorded at McCoole’s Arts Place in Quakertown, shows the three-piece group clicking on all cylinders. Supported by bassist by Suavek Zaniesienko and drummer Roger Voss, Wolfe runs through a collection of ten songs of blues-based rock that recalls the work of Cream and Govt. Mule. Wolfe includes a bit of the former’s “Sunshine of Your Love” on “Change Will Come.” “Roll Over,” with Wolfe on acoustic guitar, shows a quieter side of the band. Working in the trio format gives Wolfe plenty of room to stretch out and improvise. Eight of the songs exceed six minutes in length. “Cold Black Night” is a plea for deliverance as Wolfe’s guitar conveys a sense of anguish. “Shame,” the CD’s rousing closer, clocks in at nearly a quarter of hour as all three band members get a chance to shine

The Todd Wolfe Band American blues scene

http://www.americanbluesscene.com/2011/02/the-todd-wolfe-band%E2%80%99s-%E2%80%9Clive%E2%80%9D-is-solid-blues-rock/ The Todd Wolfe Band’s “Live” is solid blues-rock By Matt Marshall– February 10, 2011 Posted in: Album Reviews Typically, we tend to proceed cautiously when bands advertise sounding similar to big-named acts. Todd Wolfe Band, however, shows a blues-rock band can stand on their own feet and creatively present a powerful and modern mesh of rock and blues. The three piece band is tight and always connected in a way that adds electric to their show, and Todd Wolfe’s vocals are gritty enough to fit perfectly into the band’s blues-singed rock style. “Cold Black Night” gives that contemporary blues-rock feeling reminiscent of Gov’t Mule. ”Beg Forgiveness” provides a modern and original song with a bold splash of the great Howlin’ Wolf. “Roll Over” is a delta-themed, head-bobbing beat that toys with timing while releasing endorphins with it’s stinging and tasty slide guitar riffs. The solos on the album version, (there is a great DVD of this live show as well), can at times edge on the lengthy side. However, the DVD version would almost certainly give the opposite effect of complimenting the rockin’ solos wonderfully. Though occasionally long, no solo ever feels like it’s worn out it’s welcome as some bands have a tendency to do. Overall, this is a great album, and one that certainly captures the energy and magic of the electrifying live show that the Todd Wolfe Band has built a reputation on.


THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER – JANUARY 16, 2011 The Todd Wolfe Band The Todd Wolfe Band Live (American Home Ent. ***) Todd Wolfe played guitar in Sheryl Crow's touring band for nearly five years after she hit big with Tuesday Night Music Club. You won't, however, find Crow's brand of light rock on this CD (or the DVD). The Todd Wolfe Band is a power trio whose style is blues-rock. And on this 71-minute set recorded at McCool's Arts Place in Quakertown, Pa., power is operative word as the band hits hard and heavy. An obvious model is Cream - one number, "Change Will Come," even quotes "Sunshine of Your Love." But Wolfe, a native New Yorker now of Easton, Pa., and his rhythm section manage to give it a fresh take. Theirs is a finely honed attack: The numbers stretch out without losing momentum or devolving into meandering jamming, and Wolfe - as singer, writer, and soloist - conveys some real feeling amid all the musical muscle. - Nick Cristiano