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CD Review - Making The scene

CD Review Albert Castiglia - Solid Ground Making A Scene - Reviewer Richard Ludmerer Albert Castiglia “Solid Ground” Ruf Records http://www.makingascene.org/

Junior Wells asked Albert Castiglia to be his lead guitarist, a position once held by Buddy Guy. For several years Castiglia toured the US and Europe with Wells. Wells died in 1998

Years later when he signed with Bluesleaf Records Castiglia’s career began to take off. Castiglia received a Blues Award nomination for the song, “Bad Year Blues” the lead track off his 2008 album “These are The Days”. In 2010 Castiglia released “Keepin On” to rave reviews. The lessons Castiglia learned apprenticing are reflected in his music. With his 2012 cd “Living the Dream” Castiglia reached an even wider audience.

Castiglia recently signed with Ruf Records and on February 28th, this cd was released in Europe.

Longtime cohort Bob Amsel in on drums, Matt Schuler, on bass; and Jeremy Baum has been added on keys. Guest guitarists include Dave Gross, Debbie Davies, and Lou Bevere. The album was produced, recorded, and mixed by Gross at his Fat Rabbit Studios in Glen Ridge, N.J.

The album opens with “Triflin”, a riff which somehow grew into a song; from the very start the infectious

beat grabs you as does Castiglia’s stinging guitar. Castiglia has penned this and 6 other new songs. “On Keep You Around Too Long” we hear a fuller sound. His vocal delivery on “Sleepless Nights” displays his maturation as an artist. “Little Havana Blues” is a Santana-like instrumental featuring Castiglia’s guitar, sub-titled “Arroz Con Mango”, it means “something out of the ordinary”.

You can hear another of Castiglia’s seasoned vocals on “Have You No Shame” written by Donald McCormick and Tommy Carlisle of the Atlanta based Fat City Wildcats. Castiglia also introduces some new tunes from friend and songwriter Graham Wood Drout; included are “Searching the Desert for the Blues”, “Celebration”, and the acoustic “Just like Jesus”.

Castiglia’s reverence for tradition is part of his soul. Working with Wells has given Castiglia a large “songbook”. When doing a new album, I always look forward to seeing which songs he chooses to include. This time he covers St. Louis Jimmy Oden’s “Goin Down Slow”, Lefty Dizz’s “Bad Avenue”, and the crowd pleasing Jagger - Richards “Sway”. Castiglia’s rapport with his audience is an essential part of his performance.

Castiglia spent the better part of April touring the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, and Austria. April 22nd is the US release date and he will embark on an extensive US tour. It has been one of my pleasures to watch Castiglia’s artistry grow. Castiglia has never sounded better. “Solid Ground” is without a doubt his best yet.

Richard Ludmerer

CD Review - Roots Music Reports

CD Review From Roots Music Reports - Solid Ground - Albert Castiglia Leave your comments at http://www.rootsmusicreport.com/reviews/view/album-review-of-solid-ground-by-albert-castiglia Written by Duane Verh April 16, 2014 - 12:00am EDT Review Rating Star * * * *

Albert Castiglia here separates himself from the guitarslinger pack by way of a tastier-than-the-typical song list, lyrically catchy, rhythmically varied and much of it penned by the Miami-bred axeman. Standouts in this high energy set include “Triflin’”, “Keep You Around Too Long” and “Love One Another”.

CD Review - Nashville Blues Society



Albert Castiglia (pronounced “ka-STEEL-ya”) continues to turn out one great album after another. His latest is no exception, and it just happens to be his debut for Ruf Records, “Solid Ground.” It consists of fourteen cuts of Albert’s trademark swingin’-from-the-hip blues guitar and original songs that share stories we can all relate to, dealing with love, loss, hope, and redemption.

Albert was born in New York and raised in Miami to an Italian father and a Cuban mother, and these eclectic influences permeate his playing and composing. He toured with Junior Wells for several years until Junior passed in 1998, but those experiences seasoned him well for his own career as a bandleader, and he ppossesses a hugely-charismatic stage presence.

On “Solid Ground,” Albert keeps on improving as a contemporary bluesman. He uses a Hill-country beat propelled by the stomping percussion of Bob Amsel to tell the tale of people we can all do without, even including some of his own “flesh and blood,” who are nothin’ but “Triflin” Bob’s drums again play a major role in the blues-rock of “Searching The Desert For The Blues,” while Albert offers up a couple of soulfully-strong messages of hope in “Love One Another,” and “Celebration.”

Albert can really let loose on guitar on some slow-blues tunes, and there are a few excellent examples of these on a wild trip down to “Bad Avenue,” where even “the women carry pistols, too,’ and perhaps the most poignant ballad he has recorded, “Have You No Shame.” It’s the sad story of a man seeing the end of a love affair, and his vocal and guitar are full of emotion throughout.

We had several favorites, too. One of Albert’s originals begs the question, “Did I Keep You Around Too Long,” played out over a rockin’ roadhouse beat with piano from Jeremy Baum. He adds a touch of funk to the St. Louis Jimmy Oden classic, “Goin’ Down Slow,” and turns in a great Latin-flavored instrumental with “Little Havana Blues” (Arroz Con Mango.) Debbie Davies joins in the fun on guitar and backing vocals as Albert encourages us all to seize the world by the horns and “Put Some Stank On It.”

Albert Castiglia confesses that “Solid Ground” is his best album thus far, and we have to agree. Fine musicianship with strong original material and choice covers make this one that blues fans will not want to miss! Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow. http://donandsherylsbluesblog.wordpress.com/2014/04/12/albert-castiglia-review-april-12-2014/

CD Review - Billtown Blues Association

Albert Castiglia Solid Ground Ruf Records RUF 1201 http://chickenwilson2.blogspot.com/p/april-review.html This is his seventh release in the past two decades and, is most likely his best work to date. With a kick-ass band and special guests Debbie Davies (cut 5, guitar & vocal) and Dave Gross adding his special touches throughout, on various instruments and vocals, he is a step ahead of the competition from the start. With Matt Schuler on bass and Bob Amsel on drums, Jeremy Baum on keyboards and Lou Bevere on guitar (track 6) and vocals, Albert is free to concentrate on the task at hand…guitar & vocals. Equally divided between his own compositions and well-chosen covers, Solid Ground is a masterpiece of blues and Americana that blends absolutely perfectly. Castiglia sings from deep wells of experience, singing what he knows, whether he wrote the tune or it was a tune he had grown to love and identify with over the years. In either case, his work cuts straight through to the heart of all within earshot. Whether he is singing of personal issues like love, or voicing social commentary, Albert and the band put 100% into each and every tune. A superb guitarist with a voice well-suited to the music, Castiglia drives his point home with power and passion, each and every tune dripping with emotional power, giving them that element that touches the heart and draws the listener in, making him or her a very real part of the whole deal. Add a band that is right on the money, playing as a single unit, rather than being a bunch of guys on stage, sounding as if they are competing for some sort of prize. The result is a piece of work that flows from the heart backed by the power of life experience and a love for not only the music as a whole but for the audience. This is another piece that has a timeless quality and can be listened to repeatedly without growing old. This one is a keeper. Albert Castiglia and the band are the real deal, playing what they know and doing it with a conviction that makes it very real to their audiences. Great work, highly recommended. – Bill Wilson

CD Review - Free Wheelin COM

Life’s Blues Soundtrack – Albert Castiglia’s Solid Ground by EKK • April 6, 2014 CD Review from Free Wheelin Music http://www.freewheelinmusic.com/2014/04/06/lifes-blues-soundtrack-a-few-days-late-albert-castiglias-solid-ground-video/

Albert CastigliaSo last Thursday was the first day that I ran since back in January. It was a good run and you can read more about it here. The soundtrack for the run was the new release from Albert Castiglia Solid Ground. Solid Ground is seventh release from Castiglia (pronounced ka-steel-ya) and his first on Ruf Records. I caught up with Castiglia’s career back in 2010 when I started this blog.In that year he released Keepin’ On. While writing the post, I listened to not only that album but also his 2008 release These are the Days, which earned him a Blues Music Award nomination for “Song of the Year” for his original, “Bad Year Blues.” as well as a nomination by the Illinois Blues Blast Awards for the same song. Albert won that award. Castiglia was also nominated for the “Sean Costello Rising Star Award.”

Albert Castiglia’s talent was brought to the attention of Ruf Records founder Thomas Ruf, by fellow blues artists Samantha Fish and Mike Zito. Recently, Castiglia has been on the Blues Caravan Tour along with Christina Skjolberg and Laurence Jones. Ruf says this about Albert….

“We are thrilled to have Albert Castiglia join the RUF Records family of artists. Albert is an energetic powerhouse on stage and the funniest guy in the world off stage. We had a ball on the Blues Caravan tour together. Thank you, Samantha Fish and Mike Zito, for turning me on to his amazing talent and personality.”

Read More at http://albertcastiglia.net/

Albert says this about Solid Ground..

“SOLID GROUND is my best album to date,” says the 44-year-old bandleader simply. “I put more time, love, blood, sweat and tears into this recording than any of the others. I love every song on it and the result is a musical variety that I hope touches something in everyone.”

- See more at: http://albertcastiglia.net/#sthash.RmbxIiNZ.dpuf

There are a variety music on the album. There are some traditional blues numbers dealing with relationships like “Keep You Around Too Long” and “Have You No Shame”, but there’s also some that deal with social issues like “Love One Another”. There’s even a Latin flavored instrumental for folks like me “Little Havana Blues”. One of my favorite tracks is “Bad Avenue” where not only Castiglia’s guitar work is great but the Hammond B3 of Jeremy Baum which is solid throughout the album, comes to the forefront! Another of my favorites is “Searching the Desert for the Blues” All in all the album is another winner for both Albert and Ruf Records

Ruf Records Signs Albert Castiglia


CD Review From Wasser Prawda

Albert Castiglia - Solid Ground http://wasser-prawda.de/item/albert-castiglia-solid-ground

CD Review Blues About Com

Albert Castiglia – 'Solid Ground' (Ruf Records) - Blues About Com Albert Castiglia's Solid Ground Photo courtesy Ruf Records Blues-rock guitarist Albert Castiglia lands on the esteemed Ruf Records label after a handful (four, actually) of indie album releases throughout the mid-to-late 2000s. Ruf should fit like a glove with the fiery fretburner, Castiglia a triple-threat talent with a soulful voice, a natural storytelling songwriting style and, of course, his immense guitar chops. Solid Ground features a top notch band that includes another talented guitarist in Debbie Davies, but Castiglia is more than able to hold his own with anybody. A blues lifer, Castiglia made his bones playing with Junior Wells' touring band, so he knows his stuff and is more than ready for a major league breakthrough. (Release date: 04/08/14) http://blues.about.com/od/bluescds/tp/Blues-CDs-New-Releases-April-2014.htm

CD Review From Croatia

CD Review From Croatia http://www.soundguardian.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=29875