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Kaseaopia's Biography ( I Yahn I Arkestra - Lead Singer, Songwriter )

Kaseaopia ( Lead Singer/Songwriter) I Yahn I Arkestra

With a voice that has taken her up the East Coast all the way to yes even Guam, and a Deep Love and Connection for Sacred Music, Roots and Culture , and Expansive Exploration, Kaseaopia began her career as a Multi-Disiplinary Performing Artist from the Age of 8 studying intently in Professional Conservatory Programs , Method Acting, Voice, Musical Theater, and Variouse forms of dance ( Ballet-Pointe, Modern, Tap, Jazz, Improv movement, Hip Hip , and African), Performing in 100's of Theatrical, Dance and Musical Theater Productions ( original, contemporary, classical) in Lead and Supporting Roles in Venues such as the Merriam Theater on Broad Street, The Arts Bank on Broad Street, and The National Black Theater Festival in North Carolina (attended by the family of Martin Luther King,)and many other Professional Stages, creating a large appreciation and Palet of a wide Genre of Culture, Mediums and Disciplins to draw from. Kasea attended and Graduated from University Of The Arts in 1994 with a BFA in Acting in a program designed for intense study in Acting, Voice (classical, theatrical), and Dance( Improv movent, jazz, tap, modern, african) and exposing her to professional working relationships with top of the line musicians, dancers,choreographers, directors and producers from around the world. Writing her first play and solo performance piece - Chasing the Dragon in 1993 which received rave reviews, also participating in the birth of a philadelphia based theater company. In 1995 she - co/wrote and performed an Original Ambient movement/performance art piece - One and The Same performed at The Sub Culture Gallery 3rd Str. Olde City, and again at The Woman's Theater Festival. Debuting her fist Full length Poetic Ambient Musical Birds of One Feather co/wrote and performed with husband and music producer Jah D in collaboration with Friends of Gaia Puppetry Ensemble, and performed the very first and second years of The Philly Fringe Fest. Working well into the night and the Early Morning hours And as a center that artists and spiritual people of diverse backgrounds would converge apon, came Inity Studio's ran by Music producer, Recording Engineer , Jah D, Where spirtitual reasonings and Musical Seekers would unite in the common Quest of Oneness and journey. And so out of a love of the act of creation,exploration, and vision quest, coupled with a vast appreciation and experience of all music , with continues to expand over the years, through countless productions ranging in influences from reggae, roots, jazz, Folk, traditional,classical, pop, world music, Rock and Ambient styles, was Born I Yahn I Arkestra at Inity Studios - Since then Kaseaopia has dedicated herself souly to I Yahn I Arkestra Singing Lead, Writing, Back up Vocals and Directing various theatrical, poetic, ambient, reggae, rock spiritual chants and world music pieces. At present she performs not only with the Arkestra but also as a duo with Jah D in more of an Ambient Poetic Setting with a beat, Performing as I Yahn I on NEXUS RADIO Winter Solstice 2008 at The Nexus Gallery, Womens Herstory Month The Rotunda 2009,and on South Street 2009 as part of an artists collective and art openning. Currently Kaseaopia is recording I Yahn I Arkestra's 3rd CD Release as well as a more mellow CD of Spiritual Chants titled Kaseaopia. Feeling honored to have been a part of such a Divine and Creative Community Kaseaopia believes The Spiritual Journey we take together is a Sacred Act.

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Rah M Sungee Bass, Music Directior Plays in The Blue Method/Xande Cruz/Akillies and the Oddicy

Rah M Sungee has established himself as one of the premier bassists in Philadelphia. A Washington D.C. native, Rah studied several instruments since the age of four , from piano to clarinet, flute, drums, percussion, and saxophone. He received many awards and honors in that time, including the youngest and first Black Male to receive the Louis Armstrong Jazz award and guest soloist with the Eastern High School Jazz Orchestra, after teaching himself the saxophone three years prior. He then came to Philadelphia in 1999 to attend college at Drexel University with a scholarship for Jazz Performance. There he honed his skill as a saxophonist and audio engineer, but soon students and faculty alike recognized his remarkable natural talent on the bass guitar. Apon receiving his Bachelpr's of Science degree in 2003, finishing Drexel almosty one year early, Rah had already established himself as a professional musician, traveling as far as Houston, Texas, and everywhere in between performing, band leading, recording, and producing music for dozens of artists. Rah credits the dozens of musicians he's encountered in life, including singer/songwriter Lauryn Hill and saxophonist Jacques Johnson, father of fellow D.C. native Meshell Ndegeocello, for his quick emersion as a professional musician. " I always kept my ears and eyes open to everything that was going on around me musically, even if it was on an instrument I wasn't playing. That Kept me grounded and thinking about how I fit into ensembles as a whole and not just what can I do individually." Today Rah continues to wow audiences with his unique playing style and unprecedented stage presence and leadership skills. in addition to I Yahn I Arkestra, Rah serves as bassist, vocalist and or music director for The Blue Meathod, Xande Cruz & Batukis, Akilles & the Oddicy, U. City, Raw Beauty, Curt Chambers and Franklin Bridge, the Smooth Criminals, Columbia record's Selina Carrera, American Idol finalist Nicole Tranquillo, Daga Don, GrindCity, and countless others. Rah uses Warwick Basses, DR Strings, Ampeg amplification and Electro Harmonix Effects exclusively

Elliot Garland Drums, Keys, Bass Plays in Philly Slick/Akilles Music/Elliotgarland ensemble

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Brad Pennock Rhythm n Dub Guitar

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Le Josh Percussion

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Arin Cohen Percussion

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Mike Kordish Keys

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Love Mission CD Credits

Music Love Mission Cd Credits

" I Yahn I Arkestra does indeed sound more like and orchestra than a band on Love Mission (Inity). Every Space is filled with percussion, horns, tinkling piano, synth strings, freeform sax, soaring vocals from the mystically named Kaseaopia, chanted lessons from the slightly sing-songy Ras Jah D and everything from flute, trumpet, sitar, guitars, tabla, base and drums." " I was left with the sense of being in an Indian Temple where the bright colors, incense-filled air and bells overwhelm the senses to underscore the point." the Beat Magazine Reggae update

" A Roots outfit hailing from Philadelphia with a lush vintage sound and engrossing full band flavor." "Songs are free - flowing and " Jammy" and combined with the spiritual lyrics and layered drums they create the feel of an old-fashioned Rastafarian Groundation" " The music is strong and the production is crisp" Reggae Reviews

Love Mission was recorded, mixed and produced at Inity Studios, by Ras Jah D. Mastered by Mike Doninici @ Music House Mastering Ny Lyrics by Ras Jah D and Kaseaopia Horn Arrangements by Louis Taylor Art Direction and Design - Ras Jah D Photography - Brad Pennok and Jason Dyke Original Art by Le Josh Web Design & Cd art by - JScottGA.com

With many world class musicians and philadelphia's top artists , Love Mission, is truly a well directed Musical Magical Journey.

Ras Jah D - Lead Vocals, Drums, Bass, Keys, Synth, Percussion, Programming

Kaseaopia - Lead & Harmony Vocals

Doc Gibbs - (Grover Washington Jr., Erykah Badu, Eric Benet, Al Jarraeu, Anita Baker, Wyclef Jean) - on Percussion, Congas, Bongos

Teddy Royal - (Motown Recording Artist, Wild Tchoupitoula's, Lee Dorsey, Fats Domino, Labelle, James Cotton, Staple Singers) - On Electric and Accoustic Guitar.

Marc Furman - ( Marc Furman Band ) on - Guitar

Mike Kordish - Keys

Chris Crafton - Drums

Louis Talor - Saxaphone

Henry Mc Millian - Trumpet

Harlold Watkins - Trumbone

Karen Rudel - (E-Tribe, Ube ) Flute

Rob Mc Call - (Mocca , Spiritual Thunder ) Rythm Guitar

Jimi Dread - (Innascense) - Drum Set

Michael J - (Mystic Rebel, 21st Centurians)

Dwight - Bass

Mystic Deno - Casiotone

Thomas King - (One ) Sitar

Rada - ( One ) Tabla Drums

Johnny B - ( Marc Furman Band, Beat Around Da Bush Band,) - on Electric Upright Bass

" This band plays Musefest every year and they are a Pure high.. They Dance and lift my Soul! Just Amazing...that's All!!" Meg - pay play fm