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Been a long time since things out of my control shut my site down

I've been dedicating my time to TAPS for Military Funerals and Ceremonies. In their Honor for their service by one of only a few real Buglers left. It has been busy at times. Spit shined and polished with the best I have in creating the emotion necessary to bring a family to healing in 24 notes. It is an amazing site to witness a family as a tear turns to a grin. Since finding the fun again in my music I'm playing guitar and singing. Soon available for benefits. My new recordings will be available soon as well. New songs still the same Modad. Having fun playing music. It don't get better than that. Y'all have a good year in 2016.

Honoring and supporting your Veterans with a moment of your time.

Take a moment of selflessness... For yourself? The rewards are priceless and it only takes a few minutes to accomplish, You'll feel like the wealthiest person on earth. Look up the number for your local VFW. Vietnam Veterans of America, American Legion or any organization of Veterans and call them. Ask if there's a benefit of any sort you can help with a couple hours of your time. Helping at a pancake breakfast, a yard sale or a packing party filling boxes that go to your Warriors. It's how YOU can make a difference. A showing of THANKS for their sacrifices to keep YOU free.

Have a good day, and a better tomorrow. Thank you


Imagine the feeling of Honoring a Veteran...

Taking a few moments to say thank you with a handshake. A nod. Or by simply showing up to welcome them home. Get involved for a couple hours a month, or even a year and volunteer your time. There's packing parties everywhere.You can pack a box that'll go to a Warrior in the war zone. Everyone should experience Full Military Honors at a Military Ceremony. Memorial Day will have a Ceremony at most National Cemeteries. Armed Forces Day is May 19th. There's a Ceremony near you. Thank you,


Veterans Day !!/11/10 at !!am PST....

I will sound Attention...you can here a pin drop as all stand briskly...Our Ceremony will commence.Church Call,a 3 Volley Salut to our Veterans,and Echo TAPS for our fallen...I then will take stage to play Home Sick Blues...Written by my uncle Glenn Vann while serving in Vietnam...It now has a different meaning eh?....

Living a life as a Bugler is a humbling experience.

As of today I've been Honored to play TAPS for our fallen Veterans over 680 times as they report to their final Roll Call.The highest Honor I have yet to receive. To the families of the Veteran...It's was my Honor to Honor your Veteran. I will be a Bugler forever.Let no Veteran receive "TAPS in a Box"

Balancing Trumpet and Guitar.I can feel the "MAGIC"...

After my concert on Trumpet last Thursday night,I came to realize how much fun it is to sight read.The challenge is too cool,especially after it's over and all went well.The Oroville Community Concert Band has musicians from 13-70+ yrs of age.My section has over 200 years of expertise and our lead guys are AMAZING. On the Guitar/vocals,I have so much fun.Every-day.I have more fun playin at home for the Family.They enjoy "The Magic of the Music" no matter what style it is keeps love and happiness all around me. As I look at my blessings in life,I see my family is the most imporrtant thing.I have the most wonderful Lady.She loves me for who I am,and doesn't want to change me.I am so very wealthy.Donald Trump himself couldn't afford what I have. Bill "Modad" Vann

The Magic of the Music,,,

is there really any other way?Life is incredible. I finally figured it out,got it right.New recordings are to be done tomorrow. Have an awesome night, Modad