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Guapaveli: Update

Guapaveli is almost here! So lets have a recap of whats been going on. First, i wanna show love to the #Alumni thx for your steady support. Guapaveli is a concept i came up with like 3-4 years ago; its a two-part series with Guapaveli being the first and Swagaveli the second. When i first started to write for Guapaveli i wanted it to have a real money motivated, club banger feel. But i changed that this year after releasing 7:00 am (The Sun is Rising) that people liked the whole southern flavor to it. So i started writing for Guapaveli in May and found a particular similarity between the songs, so i trashed em. Around early June i wrote, Go Hard, iHustle, and Drugs in a Shoebox(which is really a freestyle). I also already had Oh Yea, Back 2 da Basics, Nobody, Kuttin Up, Barney and #Got1 already finished so i added them as well. Me and D-Rax also did Kush during this san as well. So i looked at the current line up and said to myself the real fans heard alot of this. So July comes im in the groove i wrote the remainder of Guapaveli, finished Swagaveli and I love S.T.A.C.Y( wellalmost Stacy). I finished well wrote smoke like a Hippie, Adidas, and pretty much the rest in the first two weeks.

Guapaveli is different from all my other tapes because i took my time, i recorded mixed and mastered the wholie thing, its a banger from start to finish, and its full of features. I got a feature on every track but like 4 or so which alone seperates it from any others i've done. I have my boys the DamFoolz on it with Kang Tutt on Back 2 da Basics and Walk like Money. The big homie Big Mitch who is on Oh Yea, iHustle and Drugs in a Shoebox. I got another homie D-rax on Kush and Go Hard. Puzzle aka AP on Smoke like a Hippie and thats just of the features. I promise this shit is feature heavy. No big names i dint do them mainly because i dont know them. But everyone on the tape are artists and are really true to the words they speak, which is why i worked with them and it was a cool opportunity for me as well.

When is Guapaveli coming out, im hoping on Halloween if i can get everything i want done for it. But thats a fair estimate. My website opens that month as well so i gotta alot going on. Which will feature blogs and more stuff Stona Road related. But as far as the tape ive passed it around been getting good reviews, its bass heavy, cool, trap life, gutta, dirty down south, 3rd coast music (haha).


IPhone Users bare with us!!

Due to the large volume of requests and emails about the mobile App for the IPhone users; we've decided to write you guys and give you an explanation. First let us start off by saying we're thankful and truely humbled by all of your love and continued support of our brand. With that bein said our main goal here is to establish a strong bond and relationship with or fans and supporters. We setup the mobile App for that mission making it alot easier for you stay connected. We've released the Beta version for Android users but due to the low numbers of d/l we seen dropping it for everyone else wouldn't be in our best interests at the moment. But dont get discouraged IPhone Users, we value everyone and we felt it wasn't fair to you guys. So we are going to release the Beta version for IPhone in October. All we ask of you is for your continued support and if you could spread the word about the App that would be cool as well.

#Roll1 Stona road Support

Boogie in demand

Man im sitting here booking shows,collabs and everything else i should hire someone for all that huh? yea thats what im gone do anybody wanna job lol!?

check it out

hey im trying to perform everywhere ya dig so you gotta venue or something get at me one!