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Anson Carter / Blog

New single released - All About The Music

I just wanted to send a quick note and let everyone know that we just released a new single to radio this week. So far, so good, in fact, pretty great. It usually takes a few weeks to see spins results and we’re getting spin results within a few days, that’s amazing news. I personally thank each and every one of you for your loyalty and support. Let’s push this song up the charts and see if we can get a #1 out of this song. That’d be a fabulous way to start off 2013!


Song of the year? Really? I’m honored and surprised all at the same time. This is turning out to be the start of a great year. It’s been one surprise after another and we’re only 3 weeks into 2012. The song that’s been nominated is “Glad We Did”. It’s a song inspired by my daughter who was 7 years old at the time I started writing it. There is nothing more precious than having your own kids and watching them grow from what literally seems like nothingness, to little people, to eventually adults who contribute to the human race and carve their owns paths in space and time. Just the sheer thought of knowing that there is a person that counts on me every day for guidance, knowledge and love can be sometimes terrifying, but yet, I wouldn’t change it for the world. My kids have brought me so much joy and happiness that I cannot imagine my life without them. That got me thinking about the world we’re in now, where it’s all about pro-choice. What if my wife and I exercised our freedom of pro-choice when we saw those two pinks lines? I would have never heard my little girl say, “I love you, Daddy”, I would have never gotten the chance to kiss her ouchies, I would have never tucked her in bed, I would never get to walked her down the aisle, and she would have never been given the chance to make me a grandfather. I wrapped myself in enough emotions that my eyes welled up with tears and out birthed this song (co-written with Michael Bowen). This song was not meant to be a political song, yet, it’s already being coined that way and that’s fine by me. I just hope that if you’re ever faced with that choice, for whatever reason, think long term, and don’t live in just the moment, because I’m sure you’ll be glad you did what you didn’t want to do… To this day, I’m still so emotional about this song that I cannot sing it live, getting it out in the studio was hard enough. If you haven’t heard it yet, I encourage you to give it a quick listen at my website http://www.ansoncartermusic.com/ and if you think it’s worthy of the title, 2012 Texas Music Awards - SONG OF THE YEAR, then I’d appreciate a vote at the Texas Music Awards website. http://www.texasmusicawards.org/ And, a special thanks goes to YOU, my fans! It’s because of you that I’m reaching a high level of success. Because of you I’m getting to live out my dream. I owe this all to YOU! Thank you, AC

Bart Alan Woytek
Bart Alan Woytek  (over 4 years ago)

great news! congrats AB

Theme song... Who'da Thunk??

Hi yall, So what does it take to have one of your songs become a theme song for a radio show?? I have no idea, but I'm the lucky guy that it happened to. These guys, www.streetbeatradio.net, have picked my newest single, One of Those Days, to be the theme song for their brandnew radio show, Country's Best. I think we should show these guys some AC love and send them a little note. There Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Street-Beat-Radio/143911649044701 Country's Best page: http://www.streetbeatradio.net/#/countrys-best/4558137346 Lot's more news to come, lot's of great things going on these day!! Thanks, AC

Featured Artist of the week!!

Just a quick note. Tune in to http://muletownradiofm.com/mtr-fm-cd-showcase to hear yours truly as the featured artist all week long at noon. Show them some Anson Carter loven! Thanks, yall! AC

BOOM!!! Goes the $250 tire

Sure did, at 4AM. Not cool when you blow a rear tire while pulling a 5500lbs trailer, going 70mph. It's amazing how much control you lose when you're only driving on 3 tires. The truck started swerving all over the road, the trailer is trying to jacknife, even the drunks were getting out of my way... The smell of burning rubber started filling the cab as the tire beat the living daylights out of the fender well. I'm telling ya! I've had flats before, but never a BLOW OUT, it was violent and a tad scary! After pulling off the road and assessing the situation, i was VERY thankful that the tire didn't do much damage to the exterior of the fender, the inside of the fender is a different story. After taking a few minutes to gather my thoughts and debate whether i wanted to risk changing the tire on the side of the highway, with cars blazing by, and no exit off the highway, i decided to just go for it! Roland, unpacked the spare tire and hardware, while i detached the trailer. Brandon was our look out, and flashlight holder. I backed off all the lug nuts as Roland began jacking up the truck. By the time the truck was in the air, i had the blown tire off and the spare put on and Roland started bringing her back down. I torqued all the nuts, packed the spare, re-attached the trailer and we were on our way. (It's taken me longer to type out this blog than it did to change that tire). Sweating, breathing a little hard and thankful none of the drunks slammed into us, Brandon broke the silence, "Anson, did you used to work for NASCAR?". He continued, "I would have still been on the side of the road cussing at it!" HAHA! Good times for sure! If anyone wants to contribute to the tire fund, go by my music. I appreciate it! ;)


Yup, you read that right... The peeps in Edna are crazily awesome. Nothing like have a crowd of people screaming that at you. It was infectious, we were all screaming it by the end of the night. Thank you all for the good time! WAT WAT IN DA BUTT!! haha

tinaeilene  (almost 5 years ago)

WAT WAT IN DA BUTT!!!! Your show was FREAKING AWESOME!!!!! We wanna see the video :)

New mobile app

Hey everyone, just wanted to say thanks for downloading my new mobile Droid app. For those that don’t have it go the Market on your Droid phone and search for my name, install and enjoy! See you on the road!