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Link to new ambient album

here is the link to the new ambient album for download or purchase.


Tony Gairo

Tony Gairo played saxophones on the tunes posted on this site.

Lyrics to "Slaves"

I felt that I wanted to start posting some of the lyrics that I've written for The Proposition tunes. In no particular order, here's the first one...Slaves.

Take a load off me, let me be free Can’t take this ceiling or all these walls anymore Praise your majesty, he breeds catastrophe No. Pure lies don’t make a man divine. Not in my time I wanna work the land, feel the earth in my hand You know that living shouldn’t cost a thing But that’s what’s happening

Tied to a rope that keeps getting shorter There ain’t nothing I can do I know that I’m a slave

Time has crossed sand and I’ve become a man. But a boy tells me how I stand. Do you understand?? Man, I’d love to leave but there’s no place to be Where it’s just her and me completely, eternally

Tied to a road that keeps getting longer As slaves go, the worst kind Doesn’t know that he’s a slave To a world that keeps getting darker Don’t deny this mess we’ve made That’s why we’re all slaves


Greetings. I've posted some new pics in addition to the new tunes. There's a new video in the works that will show some behind the scenes stuff, studio outtakes and interviews. It is primarily for promo but fans should get a kick out of it. Stay on the lookout for that. Also, reluctantly, I have established a Twitter account. The user name is Doug Hawk Music. You are welcome to follow it but I am not promising much right off the bat. Still not sure how I feel about this constant updating...as I blog away.....Peace.

new tunes

Well, we recorded two new songs last night, "I Come From Nowhere" and "Feel So Low." After listening to a rough mix, we are all extremely excited. Hoping to have it all finished up in a week or so. Once complete, the tunes (or maybe just one) will be available for free download via our Reverbnation site or our Myspace page(www.myspace.com/doughawkmusic). Hope you are enjoying this amazing weather.

Spring Fever

Looks like we've firmed up a date for our next recording. We'll be going into the studio on May 29th to record two songs, "I Come From Nowhere" & "Feel So Low." These songs will most likely be available only for download through either this website or our sister site on Myspace--www.myspace.com/doughawkmusic/ . As always, thanks for tuning in.