Well Album Release was a huge success...we are preparing to make some music videos....MTV Style. got losts of exciting shows coming and the sky seems to be the limit. Thank you everyone who helped us get where we are at now!

A great Day for the guys of Blue Helix

we are thrilled that our first song off the record is finally done. It took alot of work to get it to the point its at now..we are so proud of "Twenty-Seven". We are excited to see u all at some shows this year, and would love to hear from you anytime! Email, text us..anything u want to say, wed love to hear it! We have a new Drummer named Jebbadiah Schreib, whom will be joining our three piece on stage on August 11 at Grahamstock. Graham Stock is a private invite only to members of the Blue Helix fan club. To become a member simply text the word Bluehelix to the phone number 90210. be well everyone.. Sami, Wolf and Jebbadiah