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New Song is Named Widespread Corruption

How much is enough, nothing ever is I've got to build more boxes to put all of my boxes in.I can read the news, its obvious were all doomed cause the only thing we know how to do well is consume

(Chorus) And we see there's gross incompetence and widespread corruption, its as if its in the air we breath. And you know all those who seek control of the hearts and minds of millions untold can take credit for all the suffering we see.

Its come undone, what we fought for and won, is all being taken away. we live a lie, we're promised the sky, then we work and work and work some more, then we die


you cleaned your plate, and you cleaned mine so, we'r all slaves to minimum wage while your profit margins grow. The jig is up, cause its so plain to see there's only one of you to 99 of me