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June is no doubt a month that is coming in with some of the biggest shows I've performed in my life! Coming up this week alone I have a two shows at CMA Fest in Nashville as well as Riverbend Festival in Chattanooga, TN. There's no doubt I feel very blessed by the good Lord Jesus with all that is happening between getting my songs played on the radio and being part of a new reality t.v. show called "Real Life Country" to possibly air on CMT and GAC!

Other than those great things happening this month, I have something called "Team B-Mad", which is alot like a "thank you" to you for being a fan! It's an exclusive fanclub that is only $5.80 per year, and it entitles you to THE LATEST both FREE and discounted songs, videos, behind the scenes footage, and much more! Did I say only $5.80 per year??? That's what I said! So how do you get this "steal of a deal?" Simply paste this link into your browser, get your credit card ready to pay through paypal, and you're then eligible for all of this great stuff!


Hope you'll jump on board as next year the price will no doubt increase, but if you sign up now, you're locked in at $5.80 so your rate will never change to be part of Team B-Mad! Thanks so much again for being a wonderful fan, and I look forward to seeing you at shows down the road!

Article in The Fall River Herald!

Up and coming singer and songwriter Brandon Maddox could one day evolve into a Country music star.

If that day comes, Fall River can claim it was the first place in New England that Maddox performed and even visited. Meanwhile, city resident Erika Franco can proudly proclaim that she booked Maddox’s first New England gig.

Maddox, a rising Nashville star, will be performing at the Revive Nightclub & Lounge, 4263 North Main St., on Aug. 13 at 8 p.m. The show is free to the public.

A native of Tennessee, Maddox currently has written more than 700 songs and in 2008 was signed as a staff writer to the publishing company, Faverett Entertainment Group.

Maddox performs at several venues in Nashville and neighboring towns, and has had roughly 12 of his songs played on independent radio and has had several cuts by artists. He has also written and continues to write with many hit writers and artists, some of whom are on major record labels. Maddox’s song "Honk if You’re Country" recently appeared in the independent film, "Unconditional."

Reached by telephone, Maddox’s expressed palpable excitement about coming to the city. He says the closest he has come to Fall River or New England has been New York City and upstate New York.

"I picture it as a scenic place," he said of New England in general.

Maddox is also working on a five-song EP called "Weightless," which is being produced by Reba McIntyre’s keyboard player.

Maddox, who has played at a Nashville airport, gets to meet an assortment of people from all over the country. He has always been attracted to the direct communication style of people from the Northeast.

"Although I am a southerner, people are laid back and talk slow and don’t get to the point very much," he said. "I tend to be more direct with people and I fit in with that directness. Rather than beat around the bush and not saying what you think, I like saying it."

Maddox says he loves to travel and will be traveling quite the distance before the Aug. 13 gig. A day earlier, he will be playing at a venue within the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania before he makes the six-hour trek to Fall River.

Maddox says he is also trying to book a gig on Aug. 14, but planning for that is still in the works.

Read more: http://www.heraldnews.com/newsnow/x1225365879/Eager-fan-manages-to-book-country-music-singer-for-Fall-River-gig#ixzz22h9n8hou

New Music Video!

When I was travelling up to the Poconos in February for the shooting of my debut single "You Get Me That Way", I never anticipated how wonderfully the video would be received! CILA Management did a fantastic job with the editing and overseeing this video's production, and it's showing by the wonderful responses of fans! If you haven't checked out the video, please go to the link below!