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New Downloadable content

Hey now we have new downloadable songs and beats courteousy of D.T.M Entertainment.if you heard a beat you like,download it record a song and send it to me and you will be eligible for a stop on new mix cd soon to hit the streets and via internet or you could be eligble to be on the soundtrack of upcoming d.v.d's and showcases.So make sure you check out what's new early week and don't forget ''the road to stardom begins with you''. Thank You, D.T.M Entertainment......

For Sale...

Beats,if you need them well we got them.All different styles and from r&b,rap,hiphop,reggae,jazz,pop rock and more.We also have customize instrumentals like sampled contented beats and etc.Price range from $20.00 and up(depending on the beat).All instrumentals are sold by master copy only(no third party copies).If your interested then call us at 484-919-4989 or e-mail me at duanemorris19@yahoo.com and add the phrase ''give me beats'',in your response and make sure you have your name,address,phone number and a valid e-mail for replies and information on any upcoming events within the future,so be first to get your hands on this oppotunity.

Coming soon from D.T.M Entertainment..

Look out for my new songs from my newest mix cd and special collaborations with other philly artist and producers.Fresh new instrumentals,video and other downloadable content.Also upcoming events and d.v.d's,so definitely hollar at us.You can reach me at 484-919-4989 or e-mail me at duanemorris19@yahoo.com.Or you can send your song or video entries to D.T.M Entertainment 1036 cherry street norristown,pa. 19401.All types of music entries are accepted only the best will make it to d.v.d,so send them asap,this operates on a first come,first serve basics,so don't hesitate to send your entries.And the first ten entries will receive a free original instrumental(master copy)courteousy of D.T.M Entertainment.(Instrumentals varies according to your style and character)and will be mailed out to you the same day your entry is received..... Thank you,D.T.M Ent.

Swagga Johnson is back

Look out for ''Mean Sixteenz'',My Swagga is tight and Quite Familiar the D.v.d.You can also get sneak previews and more at Quitefamiliar@myspace.com/youtube.com(swagga johnson)