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What we've been upto?

It's been a pretty great ride thus far! Currently we are working on completing the album which will be titled "Living on the Outside". The title comes from a personal realization for me personally not just as a songwriter but as a fellow human being. I got into these patterns of bottling things up. Not saying what i need to, when i needed to. And that can get you into some really dark places emotionally. It makes them live inside you, instead of manifesting them into an objective reality. This record is titled Living on the Outside because i wasn't afraid to let it all out. The record will be very honest in that sense.

We're about half way i'd say. We have 7 of the 11 tracks down, and they just are waiting for some textures and final guitar parts and main vocals, so it's a works in progress for sure.

Well, obviously Twizzy is the drummer on the album, and if you think he's impressive live, you should hear him in that setting. It's incredible. His discipline is unwavering. Micky Brown is our bassist, so naturally he fill that need on the album. I was instantly excited about the record because he was able to create these moments, musically, the first day in. Really special little hooks, and textures throughout his playing and how that all locks in with Twizzys playing. So already there are these great rhythmic happenings all over it. We are going to have Joe Munroe do the needed Keyboard textures, and what do i really need to say about a guy like that. I mean, he's a hall of famer for fucks sakes. Hahaha. Enough said right? And we have a few songs we will need some horn work on, and there maybe a section, but primarily we will have Benny Benack on the album for the heavy lifting for those needs. Benny is a legend in his own right. It runs in his blood to be that damn good, and that is even carrying on in his bloodline. He's just a special kind of player. It'll be a treat to work with him on this. The main man though would be Johnny (Razor) Stoecker who is our engineer and coproducer on this. He's incredibly talented at what he does, and we ended up choosing him because of how well trained his ear is, and how vast his influences and musical knowledge is. I've known him for about a decade so it just made sense to go that route and bring him in. There's plenty of people that are or will be involved that i'm not mentioning and shame on me for that, but you can just read the liner notes on the album for the rest. Haha.

We are really excited, and putting our best efforts forth to get it done and bring you an amazing album. I can tell you with absolute honesty that there is NO filler in this album. I wrote nearly 50 songs for this album, and narrowed it down to the best 11. So there is no bullshit in it. It's an all in kind of album and i will be bringing nothing but my very best.

We plan on having it available for purchase by March of 2016. As of now we are pretty much right on target for that. So if you can have a little patience til then, i promise you won't regret it.

Until then we aren't really focused on playing or booking shows. Just so we can really give our undivided attention to the album. Shows we are booking are mostly for next year where we will have a product to support the shows as well. Gives more of a purpose to playing those shows in a way.

You can check us out November 28th though at Harvey Wilners Tavern in West Mifflin. There will NOT be a cover and we will go on at 930pm. They have great food and great staff so we hope to see you all come out and show some love. Until then, Thank you all for all the support. We're nothing without you!