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So it begins this Saturday. Ushering in Saturday I will be playing on the Program for the Manly Jazz Festival at The Manly Fig on Friday night. Tickets are almost sold out with 3 days to go.

Then on Saturday I head to Black Stump Music Festival to play for World Vision, Tear Australian and the Plunge tent.

Next Saturday (8th) I have a sneaky gig that I can't promote - but be aware that I do many sneaky gigs... and on the Sunday I am back in Sydney for a gig I can't quite announce because they haven't put tickets up yet... but watch my gig listing.

That week I will be opening for Matt Corby at a Secret Garden (but its a little secret).

Kangaroo Valley Festival is on the 21st-23rd of October and Lincoln and I will be there performing 2 shows, sleeping in Big Bertha (the campervan) and running a singing workshop. Then that Monday I am singing at an event run by the Big Issue mag - and I feel very privileged because I respect these lads and lasses.

But November has a bit of a lull - that's what uni teaching prac does, it shoots music managing in the foot.

If you are up to it, throw my name around a little to your friends, pull out your iPod and show your mates my tunes, rate me on Youtube, Triple J unearthed and Reverb and send my CD as a birthday gift to acoustic loving friends.

Oh - and listed out for the new song Lincoln and I wrote last night... it will be released at a secret gig...

So after that blog - I feel as if I have joined the secret service...

If you haven't already, check out Lincoln and I playing 'Precipitate' LIVE at the manly fig last month: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bdqmjf1Z1o


Love Zoe

en route to victoria

big bertha - my toyota 81 camper maxes at 80km/h so it is a long, beautiful, drive. im blogging as dad drives the beast and life is great. we camped in gundagai last night and ate schnitz at the local rsl. now we are back on the road with about another 7 hrs to go to reach destination melbourne... i cant wait to meet up with the melbournites and catch up with levi mcgrath and jenny biddle. tonight ill rock up at the empress open mic - but if ur not sure which show to catch, come to the drunken poet tomorrow night (which i get paid for) or the acoustic cafe in collingwood on thursday if u cant make tomorrow :). then i pick up some precious cargo from the airport and onwards andupwards to the yackandandah folk festival. dude - sweet.

On the way to my debut (shotgun) Victoria tour

So dad is driving and i am blogging in rural nsw. The landscape is stunning, with the drought broken and my campervan leaking in the heavy rain. We camped in gundagai last night and will be in melbourne this evening in time for a gig at the empress open mic - to meet up with levi mcgrath again. Why so long from the Gun to melbourne? the camper maxes at 80 :). See you in Melbourne! drunken poet (west mel.) tomorrow night... a paid gig! and the acoustic cafe (collingwood) thursday before i pick up some precious cargo from the airport and head to the yackandandah folk festoval to play friday night. Dude - sweet.

iTunes... is it time?

It is official - my tunes are officially on iTunes! I was tentative to put them up but after many requests I just went and did it. So if you know anyone of the iPod generation who have not had a chance to grab my album - it is now easier than ever... but it does work out to be more expensive than buying the hard copy... (I had no say in the pricing).

Over and Out, Zoe

Album to be out in October...

Finally - an album to replace my two year old EP. I have 4 tracks already mastered, another 5 recorded (almost completed) and will have ten tracks for you, some new - some redone.

It's all a little bit exciting.

I'll keep you posted. First sales should be available from the Manly Fig Jazz Festival program (Saturday 2nd October).

Over & Out, Zoe

New song with a new lyric...

I wrote a new song in June and have been recording it, and one line of the lyric always catches me:

Here we are entwined in action and in mind, I find I can't define the line between self...

Sometimes when I write poetry and lyrics, I get so caught up in the art of it and when I read back I get a new meaning for what I have written. For someone who has always been incredibly guarded & walled, to write this and to realise that it is a true experience has taken my breathe away. To see the way we grow, and those boundaries and limits that always seemed too intimidating and insurmountable have fallen over like dominoes in your wake.

Life is good. Love is its essence. It's not all about romantic love - this same boundary breaking love is found in families, friends and extraordinary situations.

My Only

I as in KittyGroove Studios last Saturday, and recorded my new song 'My Only'. After brain straining with Ritchie and Sven, we decided we're keeping it intimate and raw.

It'll be on the new Album - 'Precipitate'.