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Anticipated Arrival Album

Hello everyone in case some of you didn't know yet, i released my new album "Anticipated Arrival" on Dec 31st 2013. But this time instead of putting it on Itunes, I put it up online for free for everyone to download. This is just my way of saying thank you to everyone that has supported me over the years. There's 19 songs on the album. On it features songs with Allen York and Terry Motivation both of whom I've been working together with for the past 6 years. As well as Linna I from Bulgaria and local artist from my city of Chatham Ontario Brandon Preville. Style wise this album is way different then anything that I've ever done before. i'm always trying to to do new and different things to grow as an artist. Have a lot of great producers that are featured as well on this album. I put all my heart into this project so i hope you all will enjoy it thank you all for believing in me.

*note* The songs for this album are the first 19 songs on this playlist

Track Listings: 01 Sorry For The Wait(Prod by Track Officialz) 02 That I Want(Prod by J.D. Beatz) 03 Chloe(Prod by J.Casperson) 04 Don't Care What They Say(Prod by Fetti Beats) 05 Thank You(For Everything)(Prod by Scooter Beatz) 06 Flying High(Prod by Skate Bravo) 07 All You Feat Brandon Preville(Prod by Fetti Beats) 08 Crazy About Her(Prod by Fetti Beats) 09 Don't Care About The Fame(Prod by J.Casperson) 10 Can't Fail Feat Allen York(Prod by Diamond Style Productions) 11 Know About Me Feat Terry Motivation(Prod by Fetti Beats) 12 Happen To Me(Prod by Icy Cold) 13 Make You Proud(Prod by J.Casperson) 14 So Young(Prod by Diamond Style Productions) 15 That Your Mine(Prod by Fetti Beats) 16 Weekend(Prod by J.Casperson) 17 How Does Your Story Go(Prod by Paperfall Bros) 18 Loved You So Feat Linna I (Prod by J.D Beatz) 19 Here To Stay(Prod by Paperfall Bros)

Executive Producer: Charlie Burgess

Charlie Burgess Releases 3 Full Tracks from “Best In the City

Best In The City dropped January 27th wordwide. Last night we released 3 full tracks from the album.

All I Think About Is You – Charlie Burgess(AKA L.C.) Featuring Danielle Robert (Produced By James Browning) The Game – Charlie Burgess(AKA L.C.) (Produced By James Browning) Do It – Charlie Burgess Featuring Shots (Produced by Stomp Boxx Music)

If you hear what you like be sure to pick the album up on ITunes. Hope you guys like what you hear!


Blog Update 1

So a lot has happened since our last blog update. First off Charlie and myself would like to thank everyone that has picked up “Best In the City” on ITunes and everyone that came out to support our show we ran at the KDB hall on the day of the release(Jan.27th). We have worked incredibly hard on this album and the show. Thank you to all the performers including We Sleep At Dawn, The Cassidy’s, Danielle Robert and of course Playasville`s very own Charlie Burgess performed some old tracks and a couple new ones off the album. A big thanks to our good friend Andrew Bell from INDIE 101.5 for MCing the nights events and having a listen to the performers we Invited out.

Hope everyone enjoys the new website layout.

We are working on a collaborating album with Charlie Burgess and Danielle Robert combining there styles. Dani was featured on Charlies album Best In The City on a track produced by myself called `All I Think About Is You`. They also performed the song at the release show. I will have some video up within the next week, it was a wonderful performance. Im hoping to produce a few of the tracks on the project and to also co-produce a few with Dani and L.C. We will have more details int he coming weeks about this project.

In other personal news. I will be working on a movie helping film it. I am super excited and stoked to be apart of a project like this. Everyone involved will be from Chatham which is even more amazing. Its a vampire movie and the good people who asked me to take part are holding auditions for parts March 10th. Click here for more details. They are also looking for bands for a couple scenes the movie are will be holding a Battle Of The Bands. Click here for more details.

It was also recently my birthday. Thanks everyone for the wishes and love :)

I would also like to point out that Charlie is currently ranked 3rd in all Canada on the Reverbnation.com Hip Hop charts! We are proud of you L.C. Everyone one, all the fans around the world and here in CHT. Keep working hard buddy, no one cant stop you but you.

Anyways for now. Take Care.

James Browning


ITunes – Music – “Best in the City” by Charlie Burgess

The Album “Best In The City” is the debut album from Charlie Burgess(AKA L.C.). Charlie performed in last years Canada Deh Celebration for TVCogeco’s “Step Up To The Mic”. Over the last 4 years with help of producer/manager James Browning, Charlie has built a online fan base worldwide using social media websites and by releasing 10 free downloadable mixtape to his fans. 13 of the tracks are produced by James Browning and 2 of those will only be available on Itunes. The album songs vary in style. Expect songs that will make you dance, stories of hardships in life, and songs that will introduce you into the aggressive world of L.C. The alter ego of Charlie Burgess.


First Single From Album

Charlie Burgess(AKA L.C.) will release he first single in the next few days. This song will be produced by Playasville's James Browning. The wait is over a debate of which song to release as the albums first single. Be sure to tell your friends.

First Single From Album!

Charlie Burgess(AKA L.C.) will release he first single in the next few days. This song will be produced by Playasville's James Browning. The wait is over a debate of which song to release as the albums first single. Be sure to tell your friends. - http://Playasville


My brand new Mixtape "Evolution" Came out Jan 31st 2011. Go and Download your free copy of it either at one of the following websites: http://www.mixconnect.com/listen/Evolution+-+Charlie+Burgess+(Playasville+ENT)-mid7889 or at http://www.datpiff.com/profile/Playasville_Ent/mixtapes