'Sweet Butterfly' Released single

My single from 'Sleepy Symptoms of Overexposure To Isolation' release 'Sweet Butterfly' on amazon

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Evocare of the Sirens

Track List: 1.Eternal 2.Garden of the Naiads 3.Shells 4.Sands 5.Intrepid Heart 6.Fathoms 7.Levithan 8.Pan's Embrace 9.Evocare of the Sirens 10.Neptune 11.Levatio 12.Salacia 13.Mermaids

"Mermaids" Fathoms of pain deep inside. I long to hold my missing piece. By the shore I await my King.

Sorrow shrouds my heart,the heat betrays my light.I am standing here against the wind a futile scream I cry.One day my love I will consume this hole inside.Until that day comes my love,you shall reap what you sow.Without love I have no purpose,without you I am the sea.Without moonlight there is no sun.Without the sun we can not see.With angry eyes I call to you.You torment and punish me.We flourish in the sacred well a desert without the sea.Alone I stand forever here,alone I live at sea.I long for the deserts kiss a touch so that I might be free.Without my love I cry and create fathoms of pain.I long to hold my missing piece by the shore I await my king.Within the sorrow it resides. Sorrow shrouds my heart this betrays my light. I am standing here against the wind I cry a futile scream.Without you my love I have no purpose,without you I am the sea. (C)2014 ANNASTATSEA All Rights Reserved.Makara Rishtu a Natalie K. Coyle Creation.



Douloureux Doldrums 2001 Invocation of the Dragon 2002 Liquid Corridors 2003 A Sacred Letter to the God Anubis 2003 Purple Serpents and Pink Dragons 2004 Stellae Aetern Stars Eternal 2004 * Sleepy Symptoms of Overexposure to Isolation 2005 Citadel a Sacred Palace 2005

New Works In Progress: Evocare of the Sirens Incanto Incantations


Walking With Ghosts-Paradigms 2006 * track#13 Welcome Butterfly


Lochshmae 2005

Crawlspace 2006 Residents cover The Aging Musician

G.James Wyrick 2010 poem to sonic "Skin in 13"

Orbseven 2012 Fall Below The Earth featured on tracks#3 Illumine Quantum and #8 Nothing So Much As Dust

Films-You Tube TV

Pantheon Black 2010 Fabian Rush Films LLC. song Fletus

Alien Face Bashers song Within A Shell



Roman Legions 2009 Manifestations of the Primordial 2009

New Work In Progress: Tarot of the Magus

"Stellae Aetern"

"Stellae Aetern" is a collection of select songs from my works from 2001-2004. This albulm preludes the releases from all my works spanning 2001-2005. I am still in the process of creating a new albulm "Evocare of the Sirens","Incanto Incantations"; and a few others along with side project SUNSTARWAXWORM and collaborations to be announced. ~Annastatsea Stellae Aetern tracks: 1. ShimmeringLight 01:44 Invocation of the Dragon 2002 2. Apophis Serpent Demon 02:05 A Sacred Letter to the God Anubis 2003 3. Depths of Neptune 03:03 Invocation of the Dragon 2002 4. Queen Maeve 01:04 Invocation of the Dragon 2002 5. The Embrace 02:54 Invocation of the Dragon 2002 6. Emotif 03:08 Douloureux 2001 7. Orion Alone Swallowed Whole 06:32 Liquid Corridors 2003 8. Douloureux Doldrums 01:48 Douloureux 2001 9. Within A Shell 00:57 Douloureux 2001 10.Akhkharu Underwater 06:14 Douloureux 2001 11.Stars Eternal 03:48 Stellae Aetern-Stars Eternal 2004 Stellae Aetern Stars Eternal is a compilation of my sessions from 2001-2004.Douloureux 2001,Invocation of the Dragon 2002,Liquid Corridors 2003,A SacredLetter to the God Anubis 2003,and Stellae Aetern 2004. Vocals,Poetry,Original Graphics,Hammered Dulcimer,Keyboard,Cello,Singing Bowl,Six StringAcoustic Guitar,Jubel Tone,Zills,Ukulele,Irish Tin Flute, Drums,Moroccos,Xylaphone,Tambourine, performed,arranged,produced,engineered and composed by Annastatsea/Natalie K. Coyle in Texas USA.A special thank you to my beautiful Apsu,and my son Alex.RIP my precious cats Ulyssess, Marius, Sheba,Aladdin;and dogs Eden,Sherman,Xavier,and Inara.Honour to my Celtic ancestors, Druids, Dryads, Faries,Akhkharu, Mermaids,and Dragons.Thank you also beautiful hot Texas,the eternal cosmos,earth,sun,moon,stars,for these sacredsounds,and for existence in this realm of awakening from the dreamstate of this flesh consciousness.I treasuremy life and all creations for we are all sacred Blessed Be! ©2001-2004 ANNASTATSEA/Makara Rishtu All Rights Reserved.Recorded at Reptilian Flower Studios,where the earth is our garden. The Depths Of Neptune (Lyrics performed in Assyro-Babylonian,Akkadian, Assyro-Norse,Egyptian,Ican,Teutonic,Sanskrit,Greek, Classical Latin) Anatu-lahar,sedu,Ea-nautil,ish-valhalla ser-colla enmesharra. Vis-udar dhatr zi-polias.Asura Potollo Ennugi Re-vas de era Tuonela Enna hallowed tone.Era-Hlora seiz all.En audeo desire,of dea dawn,dea doll,legions,legium.Sita.Sita, lugujotunheim,lugdunum. Tiamat Goddess of Chaos and creation,Enki of the primordial sea. Ishtar in the house of the slain serpent,awaken the scorpions,the demon war gods,slay the children of destruction.Vessels of light,spirits of lightning behold this desire of the dawn,great daughter of virtue, invoked is the great dragon of Neptune. ©2002 ANNASTATSEA.From the album Invocation Of The Dragon. Emotif The wind blows careless emotions my way. I've watched many lies drown in this way. I've watched many worlds pass by my mind. Wrapped up in an emptiness that holds so tight,wrapped up in darkness,the wind blows so careless in my direction.I've watched many worlds drown in this wake. ©2001 Douloureux Orion Alone Swallowed Whole End it all in a day Love, oh La Czar,oh La Czar. End it all in a day Love. Serpentine splendour coiling,swallowed whole the body and soul.The end for all,as we may fall. End it all in a day Love.Swallowed whole,we speak for none.In the field we breed beyond sight.We see, we drink your body mind and soul.Swallowed whole my egg my wife.I hate watching it all disband,I hate this world more.Why the sad Mah? We are one,I hate us here. I loathe this place,I Hadit. ©2003 Liquid Corridors

"Walking With Ghosts" CD Compilation Album (Paradigms Recordings #9)

"Walking With Ghosts" was the first Paradigms Recordings compilation; a much darker, claustrophobic and isolating proposition than the "Death Aesthetics" collection that followed a few years later. Here we explore a varied and unique collection of artistically rich, frosted ambient, through spectral modern classical and haunting vocal composition to sorrowful slo-core and heavy atmospheric astral prog; presented alongside two examples of stunning Alexandre Rito photography.

Decadent tones and dark, potent themes are explored throughout, including dark ambient pioneers from both sides of the Atlantic (Selaxon Lutberg from Italy, Visions from Canada and The Waking Cold from the US - the experimental side project of Agalloch drummer Chris Greene). Jarboe collaborator Paul Mercer performed one of his harrowingly beautiful violin pieces here whilst Monarkh and Vulf Sentinent explored deep droning voids of the astral abyss. Le' Rue Delashay's "Death And Rebirth" provides an interval of debauched horror classical before the second act. Darker ethereal work is also present with the powerful, celestial vocals of both The Victim's Shudder and Annastatsea recalling 4AD releases at their most challenging and evocative, whilst the sheer, stark, slo-core purity of Germany's delicate Escape The Day send shivers down our spines. Sweden's Catonium contribute two rich and unnerving scores that hint at Cold Meat Industry martial ambient soundtrack bombast whilst elements of Magma / Univers Zero's heavy progressive mirk are filtered through colossal tracks by Throne Of Galaktus (which incidently featured Cathedral / Chrome Hoof bassist Leo Smee on these recordings.) A personal favourite has to be the monumental opener from Sweden's And Machine Said...Behold. Truly epic crashing percussion and doomed piano lead the funeral march here...

AND MACHINE SAID...BEHOLD - The Contortionist CATONIUM - Speaking With The Dead SELAXON LUTBERG - Remember Or Forget (Dissolti I) ESCAPE THE DAY - Hallways THRONE OF GALAKTUS - Bloodcloud PAUL MERCER - Ghosts MONARKH - Devore Par L'Hiver LE' RUE DELASHAY - Death And Rebirth THE VICTIM'S SHUDDER - Silent When You Scream THE WAKING COLD - Independence CATONIUM - Marching Into Metropolis VULF SENTIENT - Suffer In Ignorance ANNASTATSEA - Welcome Butterfly THRONE OF GALAKTUS - Sirens VISIONS - Vortex



I am very honoured and proud to be part of this show,please tune in!  "Dark Ambient has a specific spiritual purpose to help someone go deep into the darkness of the sub-conscious. During my spiritual voyages through India and Europe, Dark Ambient became an enormous asset in my meditations on the Dark Mother Hecate. While people in India were mediating with Spiritual Bhakti music, I will sitting in caves, temples and jungles listening to Lustmord, Schloss Tegal, Band of Pain, Novatron and Kerovnian. This show "Night Ritual" is an opportunity for people to go into the depths of the shadow self.The shadow of God is where her power lies, the Shadow is the destroyer of ignorance and the real light truth cannot be experienced without traveling through her.There will be little interruptions on this show, so grab your black candles, bones, ritual gear and Meditate on the Void with me Saturday nights from 8-10 pm (Pacific) exclusively on the Pagan Radio Network."- Jade Sol Luna-Night Ritual-Pagan Radio Network http://www.paganradio.net/index.php/sound/shows/night-ritual