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Awww...Our 1st Reverb Nation Blog

We thought it would be most appropriate to use our 1st blog here to discuss what's been going on in the world of TTM, TTS lately, & what's cookin' for the future...

We recently released our first music video, which was for the song "Like It or Not". The video was concepted, produced, & directed by swollenperson (aka Jason A. Brown), & we love him. We received good news that this video will soon be featured on www.lp33.tv :)

We've also been playing quite a bit, most recently co-headlining a southeastern tour with our lover band-- Club Awesome.

We have 2 great shows this week (tonight @ Caledonia in Athens & tomorrow @ Star Bar in Atlanta), & then we scale back on the live shows for a month or so while we bury ourselves in our studio to record our 3rd album. Though the tracklist has yet to be confirmed, some tentative songs that will be released are:

Heavyweight Champion Apologia Bones The Atlantan possibly a couple of remixes of some of our favorite oldies

...if none of these tracks sound familiar to you, then you need to come out to a show!--we've been playing some new songs, & plan on premiering even more in the next few shows.

Towards the end of summer, we'll kick back into tour mode & continue to play out & about....a lot. Lots of tour plans in the future, so stay tuned for some big news.

Hope all is well & that we'll see everyone soon. Thanks so much for the support & friendships!!

xo, ~today the moon, tomorrow the sun