!Distain TL Remixes.

- 2 New TL Remixes for the German Band !Distain, from the track "Why" :

- www.poponaut.de/various-artists-gothic-compilation-p-9220.html (CD2, track 01, great double Electro-Gothic Compilation for a mid price !).

- itunes.apple.com/fr/album/why-the-talion-law-perhaps-mix/id440113716 (Digital release on iTunes, Amazon...).

- !Distain on ReverbNation : www.reverbnation.com/distain2069 ;) and on MySpace, Facebook...

A lot of things !

Hello Everyone,

A lot of FREE Download Tracks (27 on 42 ! ) and some very good informations about Talion Law.

Unfortunately, some serious health problems too, but I'm always alive ;)

Many "Thanks" to Those who supports Talion Law in his Work !


- Jean AKA Talion Law -

FREE Downloads !

- "Arkham Tragedy" (Edit) (Full Version for the New Year, by subscribing to the mailing list on RN) - "Maschinen" (Teaser) (Available Full by request) - "Let Me Cry" - "On Your Lips" (Teaser) (Available Full by request) - MIA. "Kapitän"/"Mausen" TL Remixes - "Vestiges De L'Amour" - "Leviathan" (Remix) 112 Kbps - "Prends Ma Main" - "Pieces Of Heart" - "Be My Dream" (Exclusive Reverbnation Remix)" - "Happy New Year V2" - "Telepopmusik "Ghost Girl" (The Talion Law Is A Cool Spirit EDIT)" - "Telepopmusik "Ghost Girl" (The Talion Law Is A Lost Spirit Remix)".

Telepopmusik "Ghost Girl" TL Lost Spirit REMIX in FAN Downloading

Hello Everyone, Telepopmusik "Ghost Girl" TL Lost Spirit REMIX is available in Downloading for the Fans ;) Thank You for your listening and your support :*) - Jean -

Telepopmusik "Ghost Girl" TL Remix in FREE Download.

Hello there,

Telepopmusik "Ghost Girl" - The Talion Law Is A Cool Spirit Edit - in FREE Download.

Thank you to support Talion Law.


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"Blow Me" - Edited Version -

New Track : "Blow Me" (Edited Version).

In the ReverbNation Player.


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Be My Dream : A Special Mix for my RN Fans to Download !

"Be My Dream" (The RN Fan Edition Mix), in downloading, especially to say "Thank You" to all my RN Fans ;)

"Be My Dream" Long Version on MySpace.

Love Track...


"Be My Dream" Edited Version

In my Reverbnation Player .

Dioxine (CD Mastered Version) on MySpace.

"Dioxine" (CD Mastered Version).