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I'm back safe and sound from my two daytrips back to back to NYC. It would've been nice to stay over Thursday nite after my audition but my daughter had a school awards banquet...which I missed ANYWAY because the bus arrived 30 minutes late into Philly due to traffic and then the car trip from Philly to DE took an extra 1/2 hour in traffic (dead stop on I-95S.) I have to say Bolt Bus, though, is a GREAT alternative to driving to NYC and way cheaper than Amtrak. (Thanks, Dan for that piece of info.) It was hard to FIND the bus because there's no actual terminal, just an address of where the bus is parked. It helps to have already booked online but you can pay there at the bus, too. Every time I take a trip like this I feel like such a farm girl and realize what a sheltered life I have. Delaware really IS like a smalltown that's a state. We have the benefit of being really close to Philly, NYC, DC...but rarely leave the boundaries of DE. It's like a plexiglass shield or something! I talk to strangers so I'm sure that's a dead giveaway that I'm from out of town. I met a girl in Dunkin Donuts who's a junior and may go to Drexel when she graduates (see how much info I get?) who tried to help me find the bus home. I even managed to get a pharmacy clerk let me use the bathroom when I arrived (they don't even do that in DELAWARE!) Friday I drove my new (used) car all the way up and back with my son. I was wondering how well it would do on a long trip and hoping it would hold out since it's pretty much what I do all the time. Gizzi's was a really nice coffeehouse and I enjoyed Kelly Birtch's guitar picking when we got there. I'm glad I left myself lots o' time since it took an extra hour due to traffic. Parking was two doors down. YAY! My friend Julie and her husband Bill came out to see me. Their friend Alby was late and missed my set. Initially I was going to stay over in a friend's apartment but he forgot that it was Memorial Day weekend and he had already lent it out. Next time. My son cried most of the way home since we didn't get to stay over and he wanted to go to the Statue of Liberty. We could see it from Holland Tunnel Bridge but not as close as he wanted. Julie said to take Staten Island Ferry and I would've done that if I knew how to get to the ferry from the village and to NJ turnpike from there, but I hadn't planned for it and I didn't want to get lost in NY or NJ late at nite. I REALLY NEED A GPS!

Hershey Park Happy??

Hershey Park Happy? Current mood: cold Ok...so normally I really enjoy the amusement parks and love the wild rides. Really! And getting to play(accompany) for the Music in the Parks Choral competitions is a no brainer for me, piano and parks...two of my favorite things, a bus ride to a very brief gig accompanying for a high school (this time Pencader Charter) and then a day in the park. And often I even get to bring my son, which I did today. BUT this year BOTH trips so far (Delaware Military Academy at Six Flags Great Adventure and Pencader Charter at Hershey) have been horrible weather! 7-8 hours of raining 55 degree weather!!And by the time I leave I am soaked, miserable and running a fever with a recurring cough, laryngitus, and earache. For DMA we started out in nice weather (70 degrees at home) so I was totally unprepared (* read miniskirt, tank top, flip flops, threat of impending rain and 50 degrees...brrrr...AH CHOO!! ) SO, this time I checked the weather report (30% chance of rain and 55 degrees) brought rain gear, umbrellas, slacks, sweat shirts, extra socks and shoes...nothin' worse than wet feet when you're freezing! But the shear magnitude of the 30% chance of rain that we did experience fully for seven drenching, torrential downpouring hours with standing water on the ground of over an inch...well, it really put a damper on the day. WAHN!!! Ya know...I'm scheduled to play for Disney in the Parks November and I'm getting a little nervous. But how wet and cold can Disney in Florida be, huh? SSSHHHH!! DON'T ANSWER THAT! One can only hope that we get great weather to make up for the last two trips. Hey, I'm really jonesing for a real (dry) roller coaster ride. Currently reading : Thank My Lucky Scars By Ward Foley

I'm a survivor...

...of cub scout/boy scout Jamboree Camping trip. YES! I actually put up a tent (and slept in it.)There were 4500 people, mostly male and I lived to tell. I managed with the portapotties, no hot water, heck NO water after a while and rock hard ground. I learned the fine art of fire building and archery (highly overrated for the long wait) and after the band, laser show and Indian dancing slept fairly peacefully with the exception of two rain showers and a neighboring camper crying and then ralphing near my tent. Amazingly (or maybe not so amazingly) none of the guys in my camp heard that. Must have been Mom radar!

Happy Easter! (and 2007 recap)

I can't believe it's early Easter morning (4:15 a.m.) and I haven't even done a recap of last year's events! Whew. I guess that's just a sign of how busy things have been. 2007 and was a GREAT year for me musically. I played over 50 gigs in 4 states (DE, MD, PA, NJ) , 3 Festivals (De Music Fest, Dewey Beach Music Conference, and IMC Philly) with 5 showcases, appeared on 2 television programs (NJ and DE), worked on 3 musicals (Once On This Island, Oliver, and Jekyl and Hyde) accompanied on All State Jr. Chorus, sang for Yuletide Singers at Longwood Gardens, accompanied for two area school choirs, assembled a band and released a solo CD. Not to mention I received a Homey Award for Best Female singer/songwriter from 93.7 WSTW and a Delaware Division of the Arts fellowship for my solo performances. Already 2008 is panning out to be just as great! I could not do this without all of you who support me, come out to shows and read my bazillion emails! Thanks so much for all you do. Lori