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White Ravens are taking wing!

We recently released our new CD, Saddle Up The Whales, and are having a helluva lota fun making music videos of our songs! We are making plans for a summer tour but are keeping that under wraps for now! In the meantime, we are working on new material, playing out now and again - and keep getting better, and better, and better. . .so watch out music scene - here we come!


Hi and welcome to our blog page. This has been an awesome summer for far for our band. We just released our 2nd CD, Gargoyles and Weather Vanes and were just nominated in for Best Out of Country/Out of Province Band for the 2010 Toronto Independent Music Awards! We are in the process of planning an east coast tour for the week before and of Labor Day weekend. We are playing several Borders bookstores in the Michigan/Ohio area in July and will be playing the Ann Arbor Art Festival as well. Stay tuned and we'll keep you up to date on our latest news!