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I'm really loving my time in Nashville! It's an inspiring city with such a different music scene than I'm used to, always nice getting another perspective and experiencing new things! - http://www.queenv.com/web/?p=2589

Third Man Records Photo Booth

I'm a sucker for a photo booth! Especially cool old school ones like they have at Third Man Records! - http://www.queenv.com/web/?p=2585

Learning To Fly

Recently returned from a great trip with family to Ireland and the UK. Had an excellent time and on the ride home the pilot really liked my hat, so we traded for a bit and I got to hang in the cockpit! Can't help but get "Learning To Fly" stuck in my head every time I see this photo. - http://www.queenv.com/web/?p=2582

Throwback Thursday

Feel lucky every day to be working with such inspiring people and doing what I love! Enjoying a laugh with Lou at Studio 606. Photo by Andrew Stuart Photography. - http://www.queenv.com/web/?p=2569

Chicks With Hits

Loving the community vibe that is so present between musicians and industry folks in Nashville! Had an amazing time meeting with the Chicks With Hits on this most recent trip, thanks to Robin Palmer for inviting me out! - http://www.queenv.com/web/?p=2563

Inside 606

Great moody shot of the hallway at Studio 606 taken by Wes Kleinknecht. Far and away some of the coolest stuff on the walls of any studio I have been in. - http://www.queenv.com/web/?p=2559

"Right Or Wrong" Acoustic

Been loving working out acoustic versions of my older songs for these shows lately! Here's "Right Or Wrong" acoustic from The Bitter End! https://youtu.be/TQnq9OHKp8Y

Memorial Day Weekend

Happy to be able to spend a great Memorial Day weekend with the ones I love and hope you're all doing the same! Come out Thursday night to The Bitter End to help me keep the good times rolling! - http://www.queenv.com/web/?p=2533

From Studio To Stage

Really excited for The Bitter End next Thursday night! Looking forward to taking these new songs from the studio to the stage! - http://www.queenv.com/web/?p=2528

Nashville Adventures

Went to the famous Bluebird Cafe last night and saw my first songwriters "In The Round" show. Heard some amazing songs and stories, and sat so close I was practically in the circle! All of them were such incredible talents, but Tom Hambridge really stood out on drums and vocals! #nashvilleadventures - http://www.queenv.com/web/?p=2524