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Our First Show equals Success

Well, we played our first live show and it was amazing. I had the wonderful opportunity to open up for Molly Jenson at a house concert in Mission Hills (Thanks Bri Kirby, and Chris). A lot of friends came out to see us play (And by us I mean Ben Monson, BlazeEisner, Malia Martinez and I) which made the evening very warm and inspiring. I hope my stories helped you all understand who the crazy Jesse Eisner is a little better. Thank you all for making such a wonderful event happen. I hope that you all will come to our next show and share in this amazing journey of music. Man, that last line was so cornball; but that is really how I feel, so there you have it. Till we meet again friends.

Much Love Jesse

26 hours

Well the show is tomorrow. My musical friends and have practiced with mics and amps 3 times now. I think all our harmonies are tight and we have timing, tempos, and rhythms down. So now it is time to hurry up and wait. Hope If you have not gotten your tickets or emailed me yet you will soon so you can come see us break it down.

Much Love Jesse

See you Friday

Practicing for the Live Show

So my vocalist/percussionist/keyboardist extraordinaire(Ben) and I had our first practice for a live set with amplifiers, multiple instrumentation and mics. It was a challenging, amazing and inspiring event. I think the Sound we wil be putting out during the show is gonna be awesome. So if you have not heard about the show or haven't purchased tickets do so soon as there are only 50 spots at the house concert.

Much Love Jesse

Jesse Eisner is opening for Molly Jenson http://www.myspace.com/mollyjenson

August 7th 6:30 doors open at 6:15

Buy tickets ($10) @ PAYPAL breeannkirby@aol.com BYO drinks and snacks. Directions will be emailed to you after ticket purchase. Email or call me if you have any questions Jesseeisner22@gmail.com

Jesse is Playing Shows

Well it is official I am gonna play a show. I am opening up for another Artist (Molly Jenson) Who is doing a California House concert tour. I feel privileged to be able to even participate in any capacity. It is act of grace undeserved and I hope that I can be honest transparent in my musical efforts. Details of the event are below. If you don't understand them just send me an email. I am very excited about the future of this musical adventure and hope that my friends will accompany me. Thats al for now Much Love Jesse

Show Details:Mission Hills House Concert, San Diego, California

Jesse Eisner is opening for Molly Jenson http://www.mollyjenson.com

Buy tickets ($10) @ PAYPAL breeannkirby@aol.com BYO drinks and snacks!

Track Happy

Well I have one piece of the puzzle left. Final back up vocals and then its off to the mixing engineer. We will probably have to rerecord all the vocals as they are scratch efforts. But overall I am track happy and hopeful. Now to decide what the next song in the queue is.