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Cafes with acoustic music ?

If any peeps btw San Jose and LA have any suggestions of cool little cafes that allow acoustic music, I'd love to know. Headed down to L.A at the end of April with a follow singsong writer and it would be nice to play our way down the coast in low key kind of way.

The NEW WelcomeMatt CD

POPJUNKFLUFFandHYPE is out and available on iTunes and every other digital online store you can think of ! This being the last full length release of my Welcome Matt music project, I'd like to give a big thanks out to all the Welcome Matt fans, friends and extended family of musicians that have contributed to Welcome Matt recordings over the last 14 years here are but a few…. Matt Boudreau Brad Brooks Tim Carter Joey Castor Lara Cushing Christine Cali Max Delaney Tim Frick Jim Greer Andrew Gibson Joe Heavey Kris Jensen Pat Kelly Andrew Lion Rick McKay Rick Munoz Michael Papenburg Michael Romanowski Damien Rasmussen Nick Razo Megan Slankard Andrew Stess Rob Sherman Michelle Stevens Mike Stevens Jeff Symonds Amy Tvetene This CD was recorded by Mike Stevens at his place in Hayward, Lost Monkey studio, he also played drums. Andrew Gibson played the bass and I got to play the rest. Cast a Line was recorded/mixed by Matt Boudreau who also played drums, the piano was played by Joe Heavey. Sammy Hagar's producer Bob Daspit mixed most of it. A Hail Mary, Mind Control and Let;s Really Go was mixed by Rick McKay. Brianne Lucke did the cd graphics and took the pics. PopJunkFluff and Hype was at first going to be a straight up concept album about a Generation x-er who comes back from 20 years of isolation and has to contend with modern technology and the ever widening surveillance state we find ourselves in. Yet, in the end I simplified and stuck with 10 upbeat modern rock-ish tracks similar to a lot of records I grew up on from the late 70's and 80's such as The Kinks, The Cars, Blondie, Talking Heads (to name a few) and let it conceptually be a bit more on the lighter side. Nevertheless, my own perspectives are woven somewhere within these songs. A generation x-er contending with modern technology and the ever widening surveillance state we find ourselves in, with a severe obligation and belief that creativity is the true coping, healing and problem solving mechanism for a world brimming on the edge of a massive paradigm shift BUT, more of that in my NEW upcoming project/adventure out very soon…... and I truly hope you'll be there to listen. Come and see The Welcome Matt LIVE August 15th 9pm Hotel Utah POPJUNKFLUFFandHYPE on iTunes NEW VIDEOS Cast a Line and Let It Lead You youtube.com/welcomemattmusic Stay creative, Matt

working on reverbnation

I'm haven't done much to my reverbnation site but, I will be chipping away at it over the next couple of months Rock away, Welcome Matt