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Launching Mobil App

As I continue to read books, I am at the beginning of my 4 hour minimum focus on my One Thing!! If you haven't yet, make sure that you pick up a copy of The One Thing but Gary Keller (and um.. My DVD;-) It has definitely had an impact on my life both: professionally and personally. I plan to write more blogs to share some of the things that I'm going through. Additionally, I will add tidbits of information that I have learned while on this crazy journey of life, love, and music! Ha, that might even be the title of the blog.....Actually dang, that's a great cd title too! Hmmmm. The best things come in 3. Hit me with any questions that you might have about the biz, wine, life, etc. As always, I thank you for Flon' with a brother!!!!

The new record.

OMG. so excited. Maysa was in here today and now Miles Jaye is tearing it up. I'm so tired but happy that we will have this new record wrapped in a week. I love it. See you on the west coast next week. Seattle, Denver, and LA. Here we come. Peace and Love MJ