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2014 - 2015

2014 was an "interesting" year... Light Blue was invited back to some of our standing summertime gigs, but there were also some interesting doors that opened as well. We were invited to some small country church gigs in Lyons and Newark. we also got the call to perform at the Park Ave Fest. Finishing out the year we had the opportunity to play for the Sons of God MC in December. All in all it was a good year... Looking forward to what the Lord will do in 2015!

In the City

Our studio is in the "country" but we get to experience the "city" from time to time. It was a blessing to play on the corner of Bay & Niagara in Rochester last night. Many people were out and about. Some stopped to listen from their cars. The outreach team there was very welcoming with a smile and so hots & burgers for the neighborhood. This is true community outreach that we were blessed to be a part of!


I was looking back on our calendar of events and Light Blue always seems to go into "hibernation" over the winter! Not to say that things are not happening behind the scenes. We have been working on new material and have the studio set up for recording to capture new ideas and perfect the old ones! Now is the time of year things start to pick up with live events being booked through the spring and summer. We are very much looking forward to seeing you all again!

Rochester City Schools

Light Blue is working with the Rochester City schools with an organization called Music4Everyone. We are featured on their current homepage and are looking forward to an event date.

Check them out at http://www.music4everyone.org

Off to Prison

It has a nice ring to it ...kind of shock value...

Light Blue will be seeing, talking to and praying with men tomorrow that do not have their freedom. In order to pay the debt they owe they cannot freely make the daily choices that you and I can. Some are repentant ...some are not... none are free.

There are many people on the "outside" in the world that are not free. Their bondage comes from "things", "stuff", "money", "fame", "search for affection or approval"... the world dangles these things out... and we grasp for them. Two problems ... this pursuit of happiness leads to lack of contentment... Even if you attain the goal of the pursuit ... the contentment does not last in this world... or even more so in the next.

We all have a debt that we can not pay... praise God it has been been paid for us! We can find peace through Christ!

Something to think about while heading to prison.


With God all things are possible... even 80 degree temperatures in Rochester NY in the first week of April! Time to come out of hibernation, open the windows an start thinking of summer. We are looking forward to the Boulder Cafe gig on April 10th and then getting back outside in May for the Motorcycle Blessing.

Holiday Season

The Lord has been doing a lot in our lives... by our human standards, some has been up and some has been down.... but HE always works things for good to those who know God!

New drummer Dana is now fully up to speed on all the LB tunes and we are looking forward to upcoming events. We have also been in the studio laying down some tracks for a CD that we hope to have out in early 2010.

Weather is turning colder, gigs are inside in small, cozy, warm settings. We are praying that we see all of you soon!


Proper Prospective

It is important to put and keep your life in the proper order. With that in mind Bobby is putting God first, family second and ministry third. He has decided to finish off the summer schedule and pursue more time with Jodie and his family. We will miss his awesome drumming and smile .. at practice and on stage.

Drying Out

This weekend was a blessing! Our first appearance as Light Blue took the stage at Impact Theater in Palmyra. The evening was great sharing in song, story telling and through the actors. It was great to see our friends in the audience. Low volume...sweet sound!

The next morning we are in a very wet Lyons Town Park... first artist at 8AM. Our sound system was used for the event... so we were there bright and early. By noon when we were to go on it was raining pretty hard. We got midway through the set and there was something not right with the sound system. To be prevent damage we needed to shut down. The Lord did what He wanted that day... please pray for those young and old that heard the music, message and love that went out!

Looking forward to summer!

The Biker Blessing in Clarence NY was great... lots of bikes, great food and everyone seemed to be having a great blessed time. This was the first outdoor event of the summer... and it is different outside. You never know what the Lord is going to send your way! This time it was wind! We had some gust come through that we thought were going to bring the tent down. But it was great to be outside!