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Nux Vomica on New Noisepsalm Release - Proceeds Donated to PETA

Friday the 13th of February - 2009 heralded the new release by Northern California's Noisepsalm - sOma causatum. This sophomore effort comes across as very different in texture and form than previous releases. mATH Lewis, the driving force behind the Noisepsalm project, has collaborated with several other electronic and dark ambient artists to produce what appears to be the sonic missing link between 80's Coil albums and a really good, unreleased, missing, rare Psychic TV album.

Alan Herrick, founder of ambient group Nux Vomica and owner of Auricular Records, worked with mATH to produce and release s0ma causatum on the Auricular Records label. He has also collabroated with mATH on two of the included tracks, I Foreign Eye and Chase The Dragon.

I Foreign Eye was based around the the idea of the Intonarumori (noise intoners) - a family of musical instruments invented in 1913 by Italian Futurist painter and musical composer Luigi Russolo. Intonarumori were devices for producing a broad spectrum of modulated, rhythmic sounds similar to those made by machines, but without imitating or reproducing them. Unfortunately, none of the original intonarumori survived World War II.

The second track, Chase the Dragon, was a piece originally developed by Alan Herrick and abandoned. Several potential collaborators were approached over as many years and the task was finally taken up by mATH. The end result becomes something greater beyond the original piece - through a process of editing, sampling, cut-ups and loops a whole new, more deserving piece emerged.

For every purchase of sOma Causatum Auricular Records is donating a percentage of the profits to PETA to stop the abuse and suffering of animals in laboratories - and to help promote cruelty-free products.

For more information:

sOma causatum visit noisepsalm.auricular.com

Noisepsalm visit www.nuxvomica.net, myspace.com/nuxvomicamusic

Auricular Records visit Auricular Records Website or myspace.com/auricularrecords