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Sacred Groove's 1st instrumental release is out!

You have asked... and we have delivered! It only took awhile. A powerhouse of an instrumental, featuring Sacred Groove guitarist, Ryan Maza.

Available on... iTunes: h t t p s : / / i t u n e s . a p p l e . c o m / u s / a l b u m / u n i t e d - s i n g l e / i d 1 1 0 0 5 7 0 2 6 6 Google Play: https://goo.gl/1T93c8 Amazon: https://amzn.com/B01DVJY59S

Maza takes on a Classical masterpiece

A new song has been uploaded to ReverbNation from guitarist Ryan Maza, called 'Caprice No. 5.' A rendition of the Classical masterpiece written by Niccolò Paganini in the early 19th Century for Solo Violin. Maza executes this composition on Electric Guitar. Not an easy task! Stream it for free now.

Renee  (over 3 years ago)

I knew you were good, but ...DAMMMN!

The Search has Begun

From, 'Tucson Music Scene'.....

"Guitarist extraordinaire, Ryan Maza has joined forces with some of the top musicians from the Tucson, Az. music scene, assembling a 'super group' to take the city by storm. It is an electrifying Rock band in which the likes of have not not seen, nor ear heard, in many years. The band is called, Maza - a guitarcentric named group akin to Van Halen, Santana, Vai, Satriani, etc. All of which front the guitarists name.

From what we've heard, this band will perform original material as well as cover songs in which are rarely heard played by others, due to bands musician limitations. That's not the case with Maza...as they plan on tackling complex arrangements and sometimes sacred songs in which on never hears but on a CD itself. When asked to give an example, they responded with Dream Theater. This may be an inside look into the bands original style, although it may merely be one example. Another hint may come from Maza's recent instrumental release on iTunes called, Sidewinder. A diverse roller-coaster of guitar driven rock that attacks the senses.

We do know the they have assembled an all-star cast, including well-known fusion drummer, Mike Troupe, Funk slap veteran - James Jinning on Bass and the well-rounded Royal Cubit on Keyboards. Throw in rock guitarist Ryan Maza into the mix and you've got one crazy diverse group. Time will only tell what this ensemble will sound like.

The remaining piece of the puzzle is the vocalist. We do know that the band has been recently holding auditions for their Lead Singer position. We would imagine that this may take some time in discovering the right individual that could front this epic lineup. Furthermore, we are extremely excited to see who they reveal! If you want to get in on these auditions or perhaps know of someone who would, you can message them from the Maza Facebook Fanpage.

Ultimately, this band will fill a much needed void into the Tucson music scene."

Renee  (over 3 years ago)

'..to fill a much need void' - that is for sure! Can't wait! Front row center for me. :-)

Maza's new album, Sidewinder is released Worldwide

For those of you who enjoyed the glory days of high-voltage, awe-inspiring guitar antics, will rejoice in the release of Maza's new album, Sidewinder. This full-length release contains eight musically diverse songs, one of which is nearly 12 min. long!

Sidewinder was released on iTunes a few days ago and debuted on the charts at #9. Formidable considering the genre of music is not mainstream at all. Soon thereafter, Sidewinder was released on Amazon MP3, Spotify, Rdio, Emusic and Google Play.

As one iTunes reviewer states, "These are tight, technically-proficent instrumental pieces that never lose the power to drive emotion. Maybe that sounds odd, but what I mean is this: sometimes prog rock and similar tunes that are really technical lose their heart. Maza doesn’t. If you like Dream Theater - especially Images & Words and Awake - this will be up your musical alley. If you’re interested in instrumental pieces that have depth and a lot of texture, you’ll probably like this. There’s a lot going on in this songs, but never so much that you feel like you’re taking a music theory class."

"Just found this gem lying here, and I've got to say I'm pretty amazed. I never heard of this guy Maza before, and I can't understand how that happened because he is clearly one of the most technically proficient six-string virtuosos out there--dude is on par with the likes of Joe Satriani if you need a clear picture. Check out his take on "Hammer of the Gods" especially, or even this one I personally liked, "Caprice No. 5." You will be thrilled, I assure you." - iTunes review

Go download Maza's Sidewinder now and turn it up...LOUD.

Available on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play and Xbox Live Music.