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A song for my Wife

I'm sure most of you have dedicated a poem, letter, or song for your significant other on special occasions or just spur of the moment. My latest song "She" is written for my wife of 20 years. Whew.. time flies. She has been my strength while I battle through illness. She comforts me when I'm at my lowest. She's everything I need. I'm a very lucky guy!!

Missing Somebody Special

While working on a gardening show providing all the music, I had the pleasure of bonding with the guest that was the focus of an episode. We bonded through various FB chats talking about the battles we had to fight concerning our illnesses. Trudy was always so supportive and optimistic for me even though her battle was taking such a toll on her. I was hospitalized during the week of filming and didn't get to participate in the event captured in the episode. But my heart and spirit was there. Knowing I would need to do a piece that would back Trudy, I conceived the track "forever" while on the hospital bed humming it over and over so that when I finally got home, I could track it. Not long after the episode was released, Trudy succumbed to her illness. I miss her words of encouragement and sensitivity. I'll make the episode available in the video section. Its called "Block Wall Transformed with Pallets". Life is so precious and fleeting. And I'm so glad I was blessed to call Trudy my friend even for such a brief amount of time.