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Vinyl Test Cut Mono vs HiFi

First I wanna shout out to our new friends from Pittsburgh, Roanoke, Minneapolis, Baltimore / DC Chico, Fredericksburg, Lancaster and Roanoke!!! Hell Yeah!!! Thank you for your support and digging our music!!! A wise man once said, "Bring the Bling, get the Ding!! "Haha and so is the way of life. haha!! Ok ok enough joking around.. So check it.. Today We are gonna order a couple of Vinyl 7" test cuts for DWP (and a side B song which will be announced later). Mono vs Stereo HiFi. I have to say Im a little intrigued by the mono cut.... Will our song make the mono cut? haha. Would any of yous know of any mono 7" records we could get to compare?

C43 Video Itch

Ok so I have an itch to make a new video for our up coming record "Hiding in Palin Sight". I have a you tube page with all of our old video's, check it out some time! Search for SorvTv. As we work to add to our video library, I will add the few music videos we have starting with the first. From 2002, Rumor Mill, created and edited by Doug Seligson.

Saturday May 7th 2016!

Such a great honor to join our friends, Richmond Rockers for Doctors to BENFIT Doctors without Borders. These guys risk everything to help people all around the world in many places I'd rather not go, for the love of humanity and good health. I doesn't happen for free... These guys and gals work for a fraction of their earning potential, if anything at all. Lets show them we care. $7 donation. All proceeds will go to DWB. If you can't make the show but would like to donate please contact Julien Robert for info on how to contribute. SEE YOU SATURDAY!

New Song "Drunk With Power"

New album "Hiding in Plain Sight" due out 2016! We've uploaded "Drunk With Power" to get things going. Tell us what you think!

Patches / Merch

We have new patches! email sorv43@mac.com if your interested, we also have an assortment of tees!


Ok we finally have some time to play some shows this summer! Keep posted for more upcoming dates!