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The Wounded Animal

"Funk Breath Daddy" was founded in 2009 by Sam Sanders. It was originally called The Wounded Animal, then changed to Funk Breath, then most recently to Funk Breath Daddy. Sam (that's me) has a small and inexpensive recording studio set up in his basement. He uses a TASCAM digital 8-track, an Alesis SR-18 drum machine, a 1978 Gibson SG, a Made-in-Japan 1987 Fender Strat, a Rickenbacker 4003 Bass, a Roland digital piano, and a cheap Roland synth. Sam performs all the music in every song. The only pre-programmed music is in the drum tracks. No other looping is used. So basically I play keyboards, guitar and bass, and use the SR-18 and/or the Roland digital piano for all the drums... in fact I use the digital piano for 90% of the drums.