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Where in the world are the Andys?

Andy Partridge and Andy Sturmer. Two of my heroes when it comes to amazing pop music. I continue to be so envious of the melody, the hooks, the harmonies, the song structures that came out of these two men. But where is the new material?

Surely two gents as talented and seemingly prolific (Partridge for sure) must be writing, but why not release it? Is this akin to Billy Joel's decision to not write pop music anymore? How can people that talented just decide to turn it off? I only wish I had a tenth of their talent and ability to so effortlessly knock out a song.

It's like McCartney's B-sides. Shit - many of his B-sides are better than half of the music that came out the past 40 years (e.g. Daytime Nighttime Suffering, Back On My Feet, etc.).

I can write pretty good melodies and hooks, but lyrics are my weakness. I procrastinate until the bitter end on lyrics, yet these guys can just put out album after album, or at least, did put out album after album.

Jellyfish hasn't release an album since Spilt Milk, nearly 20 years ago. XTC hasn't released an album since Apple Venus Vol 2...more than 10 years ago. Now - I love Partridge's Fuzzy Warbles series, but there was nothing new there.

Sturmer seems to write mainly for Disney shows these days, which I'm sure is quite lucrative. Partridge was rumored for a while to be working on an album with Robyn Hitchcock. Now there's a guy that releases an album every five minutes. He and Costello seem to be in competition for who will end their time on earth with the biggest catalog.

So - what I'm saying is that while there's some decent music out there...the world is devoid of the gems that Partridge and Sturmer could bring us. So - a plea to the Andys...please don't deny us your talents and put out some new music. You don't have to reform XTC or Jellyfish (although that would be fucking awesome), but just do something...anything.

Until then I'll just have to enjoy the recently released live Jellyfish album and the vinyl reissues of both albums, and I'll also cross my fingers for the long rumored third Dukes of Stratosphear album.