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interview at ksym.org

well i thinkthis will be cool.im not much for detail but i can talk music.i love to hear new music and meet the people behind them.i know it will be the best to live my life free and to play so everyone can see me rock.and share my music pushing thru ur hearts.i will have ba great performace with my band commercial free thanx everyone whos been there and not:)

new song(say good bye)

hey everyone got our new single say goodbye with our new drummer joe turner.joe also has a band called joe turner project .He also has done lead guitar and drums for this new single say good bye.here at JTP studios we do an awesome live performace come check us out.i am so siked hear it luv it hate im ready

this week

i will bust my ass to make our demo rock stay tuned new musics coming


this year im busting my ass and will write some of the best songs new and old.got more to come check out our new drummer joe turner.we will be playing in san antonio and looking for out of town shows so keep ur eyes open for commercial free

Look what's new!

We are writting new matieral and hopefully will have our new album out by the end of the year. We need the support of our fans to stay on air. You can rank our music Vote for my music on SongVault.fm You can check out any of our other sites www.myspace.com/commercialfreeproject or www.showcaseyourmusic.com/altrockpunkrock