A review of one of our shows

from Friday, March 30, 2007


This past Friday I finally got to see a band other than hard rock, punk or metal. Chaibaba consider themselves to be in the jam band category but they are so much more than that. The trio consists of Ketan Bakrania on bass, his brother Vijay Bakrania on guitar and Dino Lopreiato filling out the rhythm section on drums and percussion. I wasn't real sure what to expect from these guys, as it has been a few years since I last saw Ketan play. But what I got was amazing

I can't even begin to describe what these guys sound like. It's part funk part blues part rock part psychedelic and a lot of Jazz Fusion. This is a band that you go to hear to get involved in the music. It's not the type of band for background while your drinking. This is music that needs to be listened too as every new note or phrase will do something different. But if you're a musician or a fan of complicated intricate music then this is the band for you.

I've known Ketan for many years and always liked his playing but in the last few years since I've seen him he has become one of the most amazing players I have ever seen. Not only did he keep the groove going but he was also filling the role of rhythm guitar and keyboards with his two handed style. His playing brought to mind Stuart Hamm or Jaco Pastorious and he ably filled any holes that there might have been with the style he has developed. His brother Vijay was no slouch either with his use of chords and his phenomenal playing ability. Not only was his playing good but also his use of effects to achieve the right sound for the right passage was incredible. He will definitely be on my list of the top guitar players in this town. Dino was a very able drummer for this trio keeping it together and establishing the foundation for the soaring melodies. Not only did he add feel but he kept the time changes and mood right where they needed to be.

I would like to tell you about what songs they played when but for most of their set -- it really wasn't important. What mattered was what they played and it was all good. They opened up with a song that just built and kept soaring sweeping through changes of mood and time, which set the stage for the rest of their set. One hot point at the midway point of the set was the song ABC After School Special. This was yet another song that showcased this bands talent and abilities. They ended there extensive set by playing a cover of the Who's Baba O'Reilley with Ketan actually doing the synthesizer part from the beginning on his bass. They segued that song into Freebird, that's right Freebird. And it was a great ender to an amazing set of music. But just when you're ready to write these guys off as Jazz heads or freewheeling Hippy jammers they came back for an encore. This is when they dropped the shoe on the crowd at the Moose and did a cover of Metallica's Master of Puppets. This brought the house down and was one of the best covers I've heard in quite sometime.

So if your into bands that like to play and are not afraid to experiment a little and actually do something of the beaten path then this is a band that I highly recommend that you go see. Even if you're not a big fan of the style they play, you really need to see them once just for the caliber of the musicians in it. As parts they can all easily stand on their own, but together it makes one awesome machine.

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