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The Black Phoenix Movement


Our fundamental purpose is to prepare struggling class Americans, and independent artists to build a foundation that can establish and maintain a legacy of greatness. Based on some fundamental principles, and similarities we all share regarding our belief and value systems… The Black Phoenix Movement is the philosophy and strategy that fuels an essential movement during THE RENAISSANCE OF OUR AGE.

IT IS NOT A BLACK MOVEMENT. It is a Perfect Black Movement. Since early in our lineage, in the Ancient Egyptian culture-their central figure, Osiris was translated as Lord of The Perfect Black that is the embodiment of all the colors of the spectrum… thus universal. The Phoenix has always represented a rebirth… we are in an era of renaissance which is why the artists are essential- the images we produce will lead the masses into a higher quality of existence… our thoughts, our words, our images monument a new American standard- a new American Culture…The Black Phoenix Movement monuments a newfound greatness for all humanity.

The fundamental principles are taught through cultural arts workshops, presented in every performance, and fortified by each seed that is firmly planted and grows as a functional entity of our solution-based strategies… our youth, our families, and our supporters.

A conversation that focuses on a cultural arts & a transitional living operation in Cleveland becomes a major priority especially if it can offer support to the homeless youth in a state of emergency in Haiti. I am confident that through some very essential relationships with key individuals from organizations, we can establish enough community interest to staff the facilities, as well as recruit prospects to provide foster care and adoption services in Greater Cleveland.