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Video for "Rip Currents" to go all with the full length CD release!

Hey everyone! Thank you for all the continued support and love. It has been a very productive month and a half. I just released "Rip Currents" the CD and it is accompanied by the music video for the single "Rip Currents". I also had the pleasure of featuring the amazing talent Bijou Basil on my song "Velvet Vines" please check out her music and page she is a brillant talent.

New Mix of "Out Tonight"

I Just Uploaded a new mix of "Out Tonight" with re-tracked vocals. I would love to hear anyones thoughts!

Mixing, mixing, re-tracking, re-mixing

Anyone who knows the tedious nature of what it takes to create a true "work of art" in album form knows the stresses and second guessing that is a major part of the process. This collection has become so large that sometimes even with the checklist, a couple hours in the studio goes by and all that is accomplished is a mere survey of my collection. Tomorrow is Wednesday though so hopefully I will find the upside then!

Studio today...

I will be mixing more of my songs from my upcoming release!