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Release of my New Concept Album TI AMO. On the USA label Centaur Records !

NOW AVAILABLE ! I’m very glad to announce the release of my New Concept Album TI AMO. On the USA label Centaur Records, containing all of the very Best tracks I’ve done for film in almost a decade. Plus 4 supplementary unreleased original tracks produced with the help of my dear friend from Greece, the Great singer Natassa Mare Moumtzidou. From the brightest to the strangest, it is an odyssey!

BTW I strongly recommend to buy the Physical CD because you have cross-fades between the tracks making it a Full Concept Album, a unique Odyssey through the musical universes.

All the Best ! Your friend Eric

BUY THE PHYSICAL CD HERE: http://www.arkivmusic.com/classical/Catalog?catalog_num=3425&label_id=1100

You can also listen to some tracks and buy on ITUNES HERE: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ti-amo/id1049067572

“Second Guitar Suite“ published in Denmark

I’m very proud to announce that the Music Score for my “Second Guitar Suite” has just been published in Denmak at Bergmann Edition This house specialises in Guitar Music. It is possible to order, download and print from PDF files. http://www.store.bergmannedition.com/lemieux-suite-no-2-all.html


This compilation “Breaking Through” is the product of an international collaboration of Artists. A community and a philosophy, Antara was created in England by Annemarie Borg. It brings together the original music of nine composers and the works of art, poems, and contributions of international poets, writers and ecologists. Montreal based composer Eric Lemieux manages to create a gentle but uplifting atmosphere.http://cdbaby.com/cd/antaraambbreakingthrough For more informations on this New Album I invite you to listen to this Podcast. Annemarie Borg gives an interview to present this beautiful project.http://www.spreaker.com/user/soniccoast/antara_project_in_conversation

Composer in Film Music (Long footage)

“Eric Lemieux did an amazing job writing the music score for "The Ante". Composing over 30 minutes of original material for a 18-piece ensemble orchestra is no easy feat, especially on tight budget and schedule. Lemieux pulled it off with superb results. The score received great reviews and really helped the film stand out from the crowd. Lemieux has a proven track record of scoring highly efficient orchestral work on a feature film. The best is yet to come for this up-and-coming composer. We recommend him highly.” Peter Proffit Pictures

Brand new Guitar CD of mine!

Dear friend, I’m proud to announce the release of the first Solo CD devoted entirely to my music for Guitar! It’s my own original voice there. This new album “Three Suites for Guitar” is now available worldwide through the renowned classical music label Centaur Records. Listen to some of the tracks on my profile! You can also buy the CD here http://www.centaurrecords.com?CRCs=3008 , and here on Itunes, http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/three-suites-for-guitar/id336151531. All the Best from Montreal. Your friend, Eric.